The Perfect Long Sweater

Skærmbillede 2015-10-26 kl. 19.52.03

It’e getting much colder here in Copenhagen – it’s sweater-time. I would like to update my small collection of sweaters.

The perfect sweater you can wear for different occasions and combine with several pieces in your wardrobe. And it does not make it less perfect that’s it not very expensive.

In the weekend I would wear this sweater like on the picture. For work I would wear it with skinny leather leggings, a leather skirt, flared suede pants og or with a long pleated skirt.

Zara long sweater 299 DKR

Perfecet over-the-knee boots


I’ve found the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots from Calvin Klein. I think they’re a good match with the Calvin Klein calf hair trench coat. So I now have serious Calvin Klein dreams.

It’s important to dress a bit classic and sophisticated with this kind of boots. I would love to wear it like this tomorrow for work!

Calvin Klein calf hair trench coat // Calvin Klein over-the-knee boots //
Balenciaga printed bag // Lolas Love cuff // Mango sweater //

I Love Running



For me it’s the easiest way to exercise it so run and it’s free. An extra bonus in a busy everyday rutine with a full time job and kids is that it’s quick to do as you can just step out of your door and run.

That’s what I do and preferably in the morning before everybody else gets up. This means that I have to wake up VERY early, but then I get it done. A big bonus is that when I’ve been running in the morning it’s just such a lovely feeling ALL day.

Today I ran for the first time with my daughter bicycling next to me. She’s 5 years old and had no problem bicycling the short run of 5,5 km, so we’ll definitely do it again. She talked all the way and was very proud of how far she could bicycle.

It’s really getting colder here in Copenhagen and I need some more running gear, so I can layer up. Nike is my all time favorite sports brand. All of this above is on my Nike wishlist at the moment – it’s good that Christmas will be here soon!

Nike Vest // Nike Dry-fit Tee // Nike Snake Top  //
Running Jacket // Tights // Running shirt // Running shirt //
Lunartempo shoes  // Nike free 3.0 Flyknit // Therma Sphere jacket // Nike Bralette //

New job


I’ve got a new job – I just started this thursday. I like new beginnings because it brings so many new possibilities both personal and professional ones. No doubt that it’s also hard to start a new job and especially when you have a family to take care of.

Actually I’ve been so excited that I had trouble sleeping the last few nights because I’ve been wondering how it would be. Very unusual situation for me not to be able to sleep.

I had a very good start, so now I’m even more excited to get into all my new marketing projects, learning the business & the new products, getting to now all my new colleagues etc. Life is good!