Yoga Spa Retreat


I’ve just been to an amazing two days Yoga Spa Retreat at Hotel Skansen in Båstad, Sweeden, arranged by Temple Yoga.

I attended together with other moms from my son’s school. It was such a nice way to get to know each other better and still have time for yourself.

I’m a yogi beginner and since I don’t have much yin in my life but a lot of yang, it did me so good. It’s so beautiful and peaceful to practice Yin and Hatha yoga with ocean view in front of a fireplace.

The trip also included two hours of saunagus with ocean view and in between the different etheric oils scents we were all bathing in the sea (9 degrees). We also had massage, access to the spa and training area, outdoor hot top, afternoon tea, lovely 3-course dinner, breakfast and lunch.

I even had time for a afternoon run in the forest by the sea and a morning run.

We talked about making it a tradition, time will  tell – one way or the other this is definitely not my last Yoga Spa Retreat!