Stir-fried tuna with sesame

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I had girlfriends over for dinner the other night. I think it’s fun to figure out what to cook, but it can also be quite difficult to decide when you both love to cook and eat good food. I went for a light an easy meal & dessert!

I made stir-fried tuna with sesame served with a mango/apple sweet chili salsa. I served it with black lentils, white beans and capers and some good bread.

For 4 persons you need:
4 tuna steaks
Sesame seeds
Salt & pepper and olive oli

1 fresh mango
2 apples
1 small red onion
2 spoons of sweet chili sauce
Top with fresh parsley or coriander

To make it:
The salsa you can make in advance. All you have to do is to chop all the ingredients and mix them into a bowel.

Dry the tuna steaks. Mix sesame seeds with salt & pepper. Turn the tuna steaks into the sesame seeds mix. Fry the steaks on a hot pan in olive oil for 15 seconds on each side – it’s supposed to be raw in the middle. Cut the tuna in slices and arrange on a platter or on plates. Serve with the fresh salsa on top. You can serve it as a starer or as a main course.

I served it as a main course with black lentils, white beans and capers, that I had just fried shortly on a  pan with fresh garlic, salt & pepper. Serve it with some good bread and butter and a good bootle of white wine. Bon appetite!

Photo by Columbus Leth


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My Saturday Tune is ‘Bad Blood’ by the London singer Nao. Check it out!

I like to discover new music and enjoy the way music can actually change your mood very quickly.

I love the first line of this song: “You’re a holiday/ A glass of ocean slipping down my throat.” It’s a quite song, but in a strange alluring way.

Nao is new to me – I just heard her in the radio one day on the way home. I’ll definitely have to hear some more of her music.



Go Classic With A Twist

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I love this look by Celine Aagaard at Envelope. I makes me long even more for spring time – and bare legs. I really like the combination of the uber classic flats and white shirt, with the gauzy maxi skirt, cool logo bag and skinny scarf.

Christina Ledang Shirt //
Holzweiler Mermaid Skirt //
Gucci bag //
Stockholm Design Group flats //

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Photo Adam Kats Sinding/le21eme – from Pinterest.

Yellow Ganni Slingbacks


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The re-introduction of the classic Chanel slingbacks created a fashion hype for this type of shoes and the hype of the slingbacks seems to continue this spring.

These yellow snake slingbacks from Ganni are more than fabulous. I could definitely see myself wearing them in a few months time when the weather gets just a little bit warmer. They can be a good way to ad just a splash of yellow to my wardrobe.

They do look a lot like my Wednesday Wish back in September.

Image by Nathalie Helgerud

Apartment Dream



This apartment is just so gorgeous. I love the herringbone parquet, stucco ceilings, wood panels and of course the marble fireplaces, the marble bathroom and kitchen and the rest of the amazing interior decoration.

The combination of modern contemporary design and the classic elements from what I believe must be the original architecture is amazing.

Design: Joseph Dirand Architecture // Photography: Adrien Dirand //



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I’ve fallen in love with these images of Natalie Westling for the Alexander McQueen S/S 2016 ad campaign. They’re shot by photographer David Sims. They’re just gorgeous. I like the combination of lace and a new take on the tailored suite.

Ad Campaign: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016 //
Model: Natalie Westling // Photographer: David Sims //