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I found these cool leather babouches in Nice.

They’ve got that cool arabic vibe and I think they’re a good cheap alternative to the ones that I’ve seen from both CÉLINE and Acne. Of course the quality is not the same, but they’re made in 100 % thick and soft leather.

I’ll definitely wear them with the heels capes down as shown on the image below. On cold days I think you can even wear them with a pair of glitter socks.


Yesterday I wore them with a pair of baggy leather and a classic t-shirt.

Besides these cool babouches I din’t do much shopping in Nice. I only bought a couple of bracelets on the market in the old town, gifts for  kids and a new pair of all white Adidas Superstar for my husband.

Mango Leather Babouches //

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Jil Sander


I think the Jil Sander Resort 2017 collection is so cool.

These eight looks are my personal favorites from the collection, and I can see myself wearing everything.

I love the oversize fit, the colors, the styling, the clean design but the and the über cool fats and boots.


Jil Sander Resort 2017 

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Highstreet Tip

A little highstreet tip is this silk-like bandana scarf from Zara. It’s only app 9 euros.

I love to use accessories to make my outfits more interesting. A small bandana scarf like this one I would use in so many different ways eg.:

Around my neck is the most classic and obvious way to wear a bandana. Eg. when wearing a plain t-shirt, this scarf can make it so much more interfering. Or when wearing a shirt with a bit of cleavage I think it looks good with a scarf. I also like to wear a scarf together with several necklaces.

I would wear it in my hair either to keep my loose hair away from my face or maybe on the beach when my hair is in a bun it can be nice to wrap it around my head.

I also think it looks cool to wrap a bandana around my arm like a big bracelet. When you do that, it’s very important that the bandana is not made is a too strong material.

Add a scarf to your everyday bag and it suddenly feels a bit different – it’s just like a little extra bling.

Or I would wear it as a charm cloth in my breast pocket of a classic blazer. I love that it’s a trend for men to use charm cloths again. But I don’t think it’s reserved for men to do so.



bandana_streetstyle 2

Zara ‘Silk’ Bandana //

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Today’s Tune – Angus and Julia Stone


Today’s Tune is ‘Hearts Beats Slow’ by Angus and Julia Stone. It’s a live version from The Distillery.

Their music reminds me of dinners on the terrasse on warm summer evenings as they’ve been a favorite music choice several summers in a row.

‘Heart Beats Slow’ live from The Distillery.

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Beoplay ‘Sound To Go’


The other day my husband came home with this little wonder for me. It’s a Beoplay A1 – a super cool ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. I love music and with this Beoplay A1 and my iPhone I’ve now got superb ‘Sound To Go’!

It’s so good timing just before my weekend trip to Nice. We can enjoy music in the apartment that we’ve rented, on the balcony and even bring the good sound to the beach. Music baby!

B & O calls it ‘The truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls’. I think it’s a cool gadget and the sound is definitely good enough to start a summer party! And it’ll definitely bring even more sound and bass into my life.

The Beoplay A1 is designed by the award winning Danish designer Cecilie Manz.

Expericence and Buy Beoplay A1 here //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //

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Mrs. Cool Pants

I’m off to Nice this evening for a long weekend with 8 of my girlfriends from high school. I  know it’s gonna such an amazing trip. We’re sharing a big apartment just a couple of streets from the beach in the center of Nice.

I wanna wear these cool pants from my favorite brand RAIINE. They work perfect and light during the day and they can also be dressed up in the evening when we’re going out for dinner.

In the sun I always wear a cool hat to protect my face from the sun. That’s the only way for me with my blonde hair and fair skin. My favorite is my Original Panama Staw Hat which I normally buy in south of Spain on our summer vacations.

Big sunglasses and moistened lips are also a must for me in the sun. I like to wear lip gloss with a little hint of color – this one from Tromborg is a typical choice. And in my opinion you can never have to many lip glosses and lipsticks. So I’ve got a big selection of different ones – in my car, in my handbag, at the bathroom, at the office etc.

I admit it, I’m addicted to my iPhone and I bring it everywhere. When I’m on nation I also use it to listen to music, podcasts and ebooks. So I try to protect in. With this black marble iPhone cover it’ll look cool at the same time.

I always wear jewelry also when I’m on vacation. I feel naked without it. I like to mix gold and silver, and I think a single big earring can make your outfit look more personal and interesting.

RAIINE – Elous Leather Top //
RAIINE – Bannock Pants
GIVENCHY – Embellished Leather Sandals //
Panama Staw Hat //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Tromborg – Lip Gloss Attitude //
Lolas Love – Double Hoop Big Pointe Earring //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //
North Tulum Bikini Top // North Tulum Bikini Briefs //

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Nice Nice Baby


Dreaming of what I’ll be doing the next 3 days in Nice. I’m backing a light suitcase as we’re bringing our luggage to the cabin. It’s not that easy to travel light.

I’m going tonight for a long weekend trip with eight of my sweet girlfriends back from high school. I know the weather will be good – 20 degrees and sun most of the time. So no complaints here.

I’m looking forward to my morning runs at the seafront, it’s the best start of the day anywhere in the world. You see how the town wakes up when the sun is rising. I love it. Then it’s also excusable to eat a lovely warm croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast with a good cup of café au lait.

We’re going to share a big apartment that we’ve rented through rbnb. It’s just a couple of street off the seafront in the center of Nice. Luckily there’s more than one bathroom with eight girls together.

When I travel I enjoy just having the time to sit at the classic cafés outside looking at people anytime during the day.

We’ll spend some of the days at the beach enjoying the sun. We’ll be eating lunch at lovely beach restaurants whoa you can sit there for hours sipping rosé wine, eating Moules Mariners, Chèvre Chaud or the classic french fish soup Bouillabaisse with aioli.

 I’m also looking forward to walking around in the old part of Nice, it’s so lovely. It’s where we’ll eat our dinners, there’s so much life and such a good atmosphere. We’ll also visit the local market – I love going to markets.

I’m sure that the three days together with the girls will just fly away.

Panama Staw Hat //
Chanel – Frenzy Nailpolish //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //
CELINE – Sunglasses //
 & Other Stories – Yellow Snake Clutch //
GIVENCHY – Embellished Leather Sandals //

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Tom Ford Phyton Pumps


These D’Orsay two-tone metallic phyton pumps from Tom Ford are absolutely gorgeous.

Yes, they’re over the top, and killer heels, and statement shoes. All in one pair. And  of course also quite expensive. But I can dream. I’m going to a summer wedding in June and I would love to wear these.

Tom Ford Phyton Pumps //

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ASOS Summer Dresses


Summer dresses definitely don’t have to expensive. Here’re my favorite picks from ASOS.

I really like slip dresses for summer, with a top or a tee underneath for work. Or I’ll wear it with a vest.

This summer the off shoulder dresses are stepping up. I’ve got my eye on the grey off shoulder dress from Warehouse.

For work I think it’s also nice to wear a shirt dress or a shift dress – I don’t want to show off too much skin.

Monki – Camil Slip Dress in Black //
Warehouse – Off Shoulder Bardot Ruffle Dress in Grey //
YAS – Off Shoulder Smock Dress in White //
ASOS – Dungaree Style Slip Dress in Black //


I love white for summer and I prefer to wear it with some edgy pieces so the look doesn’t get to sweet.

For for me denim and army are also good color choices.

ASOS – Military Shirt Dress
Vila – Voluminous Maxi White Dress  //
Vila – Broderie Shift White Dress //
Warehouse – Denim Short Sleeve Shirt Dress //


Gestuz – Vera Drop Waist Strappy Off White Dress//
Moon River – Black Maxi Dress //
Vila – Collarless Denim Shirt Dress //
ASOS WHITE – Poplin Dress //

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Favorite Chocolate Cake


This chocolate cake is perfect for dessert when you are having people for dinner. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love a delicious and moist chocolate cake. And you can bake this chocolate cake the day before you want serve it.

This chocolate cake has a hint of orange which suites it very well. It’s definitely a favorite at our house.

2 eggs
270 g of sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa
½ tsp fine salt
Grains from a vanilla bean / 2 teaspoon vanilla sugar
Grated peel of 1 orange
85 g flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
100 g of melted butter

How to make it
Beat eggs and sugar very white. Mix cocoa, salt, vanilla, orange peel, flour and baking powder and ad it into the egg mixture.  And then add the cooled melted butter into the mass.
Spread the mixture into a greased round baking tin or just use a cookie sheet.

Bake at approximately 190 degrees for 20-25 minutes. The cake may seem a bit raw when you take it out of the oven, but it’s going to be perfect and moist when it cools down.

Garnish the cake with icing sugar by using a sieve once the cake has cooled down.

Serve it
Served it with eg vanilla ice cream and lots of fresh berries in the winter you can serve it with a raspberry coulis.

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