Love This New Band


Today’s Tune is a new Danish band called Liss from Aarhus – or at least new to me. I was just introduced to their music the other day. I really like these young guys. They have such a cool and international sound.

It’s now playing at our Beoplay A1 wich is such a good travel companion.

“Try” By Liss //
“Sorry” By Liss //
“Always” By Liss //
“Miles Apart” By Liss //

The image is from Politiken by Hans Christian Jacobsen.


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Affordable Two-tone Jeans

Ever since the Vetements introduced the two-tone jeans they’ve been everywhere.

This affordable pair form H&M could just be the way for me to try out that trend. I love the classic denim color.

What do you think? I think they’re quite nice. I would wear them with high heeled strap sandals or with mules like on the picture and a classic white shirt for work.

Two-tone Jeans H&M Two-tone Jeans Detail

H&M – Two-tone Slim Regular Jeans //

The images are from H&M.

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Unlimited Girl

The Unlimited Girl

Today I’m the unlimited girl going to the local market with our kids.

They want to buy everything, except when they have to use their own pocket money. So I’ve to  bring a big tote, smile!

I love denim miniskirts and Monki really got a very big selection. I’ve found the first five models that I would love to add to my wardrobe – both in denim versions and in suede and they’re very affordable.

The jute tassel tote is from H&M – I love the black tassels.

Monki – Unlimited Girl Baseball T-shirt //
H&M – Black Sunglasses //
Monki – Black Denim Buttoned Miniskirt //
H&M – Jute Tassel Tote //
Toga Pulla – Buckled Flat Sandals //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Los Angels

Los Angeles – California. United States

I fancy this t-shirt with ‘Los Angeles, California.United States’ on it.
Unfortunately it’s an old style from Mango, so i’ts sold out now – at least online where I’ve been looking.

I’ll definitly look for similar ones. I didn’t know that Mango makes such cool t-shirts.

A printed tee is perfect for a toned down everyday look at work, you just have to add a nice blazer or a fitted vest.

Mango – Printed T-shirt (sold out) //

I’ve found a good selection of other cool printed t-shirts which are on my wish list. See below.

Selection of t-shirts

Être Cécile – Coucou Paris Tee White // Black Version //
Être Cécile – In Fries We Trust //
Mango – Oui / Non //
Mango – This Tee Is My Best Revenge //
Être Cécile – Coucou Paris Tee White // Black Version //
Être Cécile – Adieu Tee //
Être Cécile – Être Cécile Established About A Week //
Être Cécile – No 1 Tee Black //
Mango – It’s FRIDAY Hallo Weekend //

All images are from the web-sites I link to.


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Zara Pointy Flats

Today’s Highstreet Tip – 3 Buckles Pointy Flats

These 3 buckles pointy flats from Zara are definitely going  home with me from Spain. I just havne’t seem them in the store yet.

I bought a pair of lace-up flats last year and I’ve been wearing them so much that it’s now time for a new pair of flats to replace them.

These looks both cool and a bit edgy – I can see the Céline inspiration and a bit of punk in them. I just hope that they’re also nice to wear.

I’ll wear them with a skirt and bare legs or with cropped denim to show off the shoes.

zara flats

Zara flats back

Zara – 3 Buckles Pointy Flats //

All images are from

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Interior Inspiration

Velvet, Crystal, Marble & Linen

I’m in love with this velvet blue chair. It would look so good in our livingroom. Unfortunately I don’t know where it’s from. I just saw the image on Pinterest.

I love crystal glasses and these ones from Rue Verte are classic and beautiful.

The ‘Bonnie’ marble box from Louise Roe is on my interior wish list. It would look nice in every room in our house. I would use it for jewellery, keys, matches, tealights, cotton pads, salt, nuts etc.

I love linen bedding and I’ve always only used all white linens. I don’t know why, it just seems extra clean and fresh. But at the moment I’m considering a light grey or anthracite bedding. This one from Rue Verte is very beautiful. I’ve also seen some at Ellos Home.

I like the simplicity of the ‘In love with typography’ posters. They’re easy to match with other art and photography pieces. This S poster in on my whish list as I’m re-doing the kid’s rooms this fall. S is for my boy Sebastian.

I love the vintage vibe of the glass pieces from Louise Roe. The smoked grey color of the glass is so nice. This ‘City Tray’ is also on my interior wish list.

Pinterest – Velvet Chair //
Rue Verte – Crystal Glasses //
Louise Roe – Bonnie Marble Box //
Rue Verte – Anthracite Linen Bedding //
Stilleben – In Love With Typography S-poster //
Louise Roe – City Tray Smoked Glass //

All images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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RAIINE Gold Dress

Gold Dress Dreaming

I’m currently dreaming of this gold off shoulder dress from RAIINE AW16. It’s so beautiful.

I love the gold and black brocade fabric, the design like an off soulder sweater and the rough fringe edges. Unfortunately the dress is not online yet in the RAIINE web-shop.

I can easily see myself wearing it for all the dinner parties in the late summer and fall.

I would wear it now with bare legs and a pair of high heeled strap sandals and not too much accessories as the dress is loud enough.

Later in the season I would wear it with a pair of high heeled ankel booties. It can also easily be worn in the winter time with a pair of black stockings or skinny jeans.

RAIINE – Gold Dress (Not online yet)

The images is a campaign shot from

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Life Is Better In A Bikini

Vacation Wear

The mantra on my summer holiday in the south of Spain is:
Life is better in a bikini!

A bikini is pretty much also the only thing I wear all day long. Except for my running gear in the morning for my morning run by the sea. I love running, also down here, where you have to run around 8 o’clock before it gets too hot. I meet all the other runners and all the old people on their promenade walks with their dogs or doing power walks.

In the evening I just throw on a maxi dress when going out for dinner with my family. That’s easy life.

I’m swimming, enjoying the sun, reading books, zipping cold white wine and eating lovely food. No complaints here!

I bought the RAIINE Kilauea Kaftan on sale just before we left. I’ve had my eyes on it for a very long time and I just new it would be perfect to wear on my summer holiday. The Toga Pulla Sandals is another great sale pick which I mentioned here. I love that they’re so cool and a bit too much!

I just bought the black sunglasses in H&M. They look a bit like a pair of Céline sunglasses, but these I can take to the beach and the pool without having to worry about taking extra good care of them.

I wear Chanel Frenzy nail colour on my fingernails and my toenails I give a french pedicure.

H&M – Black Sunglasses //
Nelly – Push Up Brazilian Bikini //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Toga Pulla – Black Flat Sandals //
H&M – Straw Beach Tote //

All the images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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Zara Dress

Today’s Highstreet Tip

This dress is so nice with the lace, high neck design and the a-skirt. It looks very flattering and feminine.

 I like dresses, especially the ones that you can wear for many different occacions. This lace dress could be such a dress.

I’m definitely going to try the dress on while I’m in Spain – also the cool ankel boots. I like that the ankel boots are not very high, then they’re so much easier to wear all day long at work and picking up kids etc.

For work I would wear it with a pair of ankel boots and bare legs, together with an oversized blazer, a vest or a leather jacket. In the evening I would wear it with a pair of high heeled ankel boots, add smokey eyes and a pair of statement earrings. In the weekend I would wear the dress with white Adidas Superstar sneakers and a classic biker leather jacket.

Zara Dress

Zara Dress

Zara – Black Lace Dress //

Zara Animal Print Ankel Boots

Zara – Black Animal Print Ankel Boots //
Zara – Two Colored Denim Pants //

All images are from Zara.

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Today’s Tune – Cold Water

Justin Bieber

Today’t Tune is “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber and the Danish singer Mø. It’s been produced by Major Lazor. It’s going to be on Major Lazor’s next album. The number has just released.

I’m on vacation in the south of Spain, so cold water is very welcome.

Cold Water by Justin Bieber & Mø //

The image is from I’l Show You music video.

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