LPA The Label

I new fashion brand LPA The Label looks so cool.

I think the styling of the Fall 2016 campaign shows so much personality, attitude and coolness. It definitely makes me wanna be a kick-ass cool LPA woman! What about you?

I also love that on their website, the designer, Lara Pia Valentina Garnaes Arrobio, has made her mom write the “About” section. It’s so cute – and it definitely appeals to my big soft heart!








Shop LPA The Label //

All images are from LPA The Label

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H&M Rib Sweater

Today’s Highstreet Tip – The Navy Ruffle Sleeve Sweater

H&M Navy Ruffle Sweater hm_navy_ribsweater_3

This rib sweater in navy viscose looks so good and quite expensive too. You wouldn’t guess that it’s from H&M.

I love the long sleeves with ruffles and the beautiful navy color.

For work I’ll wear the navy ruffle sleeve sweater with blue jeans as on the image – maybe the tone-toned ones and a pair or high heels.

I would also wear it under a black dress or with an a-skirt with a pair of suede high heeled  booties.

I’ll also wear it with my flared leather pants and a pair of white sneakers and a cool oversized blazer as it’ll would look very cool under a blazer where you can see the long sleeves.

In the weekend I would pair the navy ruffle sleeve sweater with a pair of classic navy 3-stripes Adidas track pants, white Adidas Superstar sneakers and a black biker leather jacket. I can also image wearing it under a cool grey oversized sweatshirt with my leather skinnes and a pair of cool sneakers.

H&M – Navy Ruffle Rib Sweater

The images are from the website I link to.

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Doll Heads Sculpture

I’m in love with this crazy and cool Doll Heads Sculpture.

I’ve seen similar sculptures with butterflies inside, but this is so much more me. A bit edgy and it would fit perfectly in our home.

1stdibs – Antique Doll Heads Scupture

The image is from the website I link to.

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Today’s Tune – Nikes From Frank Ocean’s New Album


Today’s Tune is “Nikes” from Frank Oceans highly anticipated new album called Blond. It was just released two days ago.

I loved his previous album “Channel Orange” from 2012, so I’ve definitely been waiting for new material from him. So far I like it!

I haven’t heard everything but this tune “Nikes” has caught my attention. Try and listen to it.

Nikes by Frank Ocean //

The image is from Pitchfork.

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Adidas Kind of Sunday

It’s a track pants kind of Sunday – do you know that feeling? No hangovers or anything just loving for that cozy feeling of comfortable sporty home wear.

I saw these Adidas pictures the other day and felt like having a pair of classic oversized 3-stripes Adidas track pants.

I’ll probably go for the Navy version with white stripes – but in an oversized version as the ones with red stripes on the images below.

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //

Burburry – The Kensington Long Heritage Trench Coat //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & Red Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – White Logo Socks //
Monki – Cropped Blue Jeans //
LA Panoplie’s – Navy oversized Bomber Jacket //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
H&M – Grey Sweatshirt //
Asos – Navy Blue Chinos //

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas Black Winter Jacket //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – 3-Stpripes Sweatshirt //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

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All images are from Hypebeast.

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Rock’N Roll Friday

Today was a bit of a Rock’N Roll Friday – a least according to my outfit.

I bought a new biker leather jacket on my holiday – a bit shorter and a lot softer than the one I all ready owned. Nothing fancy. It’s exactly this one from Zara which I found on sale. It was so cheap that I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn’t.

Another really good holiday purchase is these cool ankle boots – also from Zara. I think they look so good with a dress, but I also wear them with cropped jeans and shorts.

I just added a bit of jewelry and a cool Chanel nail polish. Fro me this is quick and easy wear with a bit of rock’n roll attitude!

Zara – High Neck Dress //
Zara – Biker Leather Jacket //
Pico – Tooth Gold Necklace //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Plissé Copenhagen – Double Ball Earring //
Tom Ford – Sunglasses //
Zara – Ankel Leather Booties //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Vila White Lace Shirt

Today’s Highstreet Tip – White Lace Shirt

Today’s highstreet tip is this white lace shirt from Vila that I just ordered online.

I love lace and must admit that I have selection of lace tops. But it’s difficult to find really nice white lace tops that are not very expensive. I think this one looks so delicate, I just hope it also does so in real life. It’s 100 % polyester so the changes are 50/50.

This white lace shirt is perfect for work with a pair of leather skinnies, black flared jeans or the new two-toned redone jeans blue jeans.

Backside White Vila Lace Shirt


Vila – White Lace Shirt //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Alexander Wang Slippers

Alexander Wang Slippers

These Alexander Wang slippers are just too cool for school!

They are definitely on my currently dream list. I love that they’re a bit over the top with the huge number of multi-sized round studs.

It’s smart that the design makes them convertible, but I like them best with the heel folded down.

Alexander Wang Slippers AlexanderWang_slippers3

Alexander Wang – Edie Convertible Studded Leather Slipper //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Kaiki Zara Shirt

Back To Work Wear

I’m back at work and enjoying the every day rush – and the rock & roll!

Among other things I brought back this lovely kaki shirt from Zara and these black leather ankle boots from my holiday in the south of Spain. I wore both today with my leather pencil skirt, MP glitter socks and a touch of Chanel.

My kids are making fun at me by telling me, that I’ve got toothpaste on my shirt – funny how they pretend not to understand it’s supposed to be this way. I like these white dyed dots, the black buttons and not least the soft fabric this kaki shirt is made of.

Ray Ban – Pink Aviator Sunglasses //
Zara – Kaki Shirt //
By Malene Birger – Monica Leather Shopper //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Beige Rose //
Stand – Leather Pencil Skirt //
Chanel – Change Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Spray //
MP – Glitter Socks //
Zara – Black Leather Ankel Boots //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Summer Is A State Of Mind

Summer Is A State Of Mind

It’s now the last days of summer vacation. Three weeks of family time in Puerto Banus in south of Spain is coming to an end.

For me Summer Is A State Of Mind and even more so summer vacation.

Everything is som much different when you’re away from home, your work and the everyday life. It’s not just a physical thing but also mentally I feel the change. Maybe the magic lies in the fact that I know it has an end or maybe it’s because there’s no requirement for me. I don’t know. But I do know that I wish that I could take this summer state of mind home with me.

It’s been an amazing vacation with slow mornings and long morning runs by the sea. Visiting good friends, making excursions, having lovely dinners, enjoying pool life & beach life.

We’ve been swimming, surfing, sailing, golfing, hiking – and we’ve been laughing and dancing on our roof terrace while enjoying the amazing view of the mountaions and of the sea. I don’t think I could wish for much more!

All images are from Pinterest.

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