Brow Velvet

Brown Velvet

Is chocolate brown the new grey in interior design?

I think this chocolate brown velvet corner couch looks so nice – and it’s both stylish and family friendly in that cozy way we Danes like it. For me a livingroom should be cozy with room for everybody to sit comfortable.

For me there’s something 70’ies about brown velvet, but it’s definitely growning on me – and so is the idea of a corner couch in stead of two couches.

Unfortunately I’ve no idea where this brown velvet couch is from as the image is found on Pinterest. But I’m quite sure that it’s possible to find similar couches. In both interior and fashion velvet is big right now.

Ellos – Velvet Cussin //
Notredame – Black Marble Tray //
Ellos – Glass Case //
Sodahl – Fur Cussin //
Nagel – Vintage Candlesticks //

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