Summer Is A State Of Mind

Summer Is A State Of Mind

It’s now the last days of summer vacation. Three weeks of family time in Puerto Banus in south of Spain is coming to an end.

For me Summer Is A State Of Mind and even more so summer vacation.

Everything is som much different when you’re away from home, your work and the everyday life. It’s not just a physical thing but also mentally I feel the change. Maybe the magic lies in the fact that I know it has an end or maybe it’s because there’s no requirement for me. I don’t know. But I do know that I wish that I could take this summer state of mind home with me.

It’s been an amazing vacation with slow mornings and long morning runs by the sea. Visiting good friends, making excursions, having lovely dinners, enjoying pool life & beach life.

We’ve been swimming, surfing, sailing, golfing, hiking – and we’ve been laughing and dancing on our roof terrace while enjoying the amazing view of the mountaions and of the sea. I don’t think I could wish for much more!

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Chloé Track Pants Red

The Red Hype

I wouldn’t mind wearing this cozy look today.

It’s the hyped Chloé Track Pants in red. I don’t usually wear red at all, but I find these track pants so cool – unfortunately they’re also expensive.

With the white stripes down the legs and the bright red color these red Chloé track pants remind me of the track pants from Adidas that everybody wore in the early 80’s.

The cool t-shirt is designed to support children in need. It’s a collaboration between the Danish brand Samsøe Samsøe, model Naja Bendner and the Danish fashion magazine Costume. It also comes in a white version with save in save.

I love cool or funny names for things, so I love that the red nail color is called pirate. I wanna play cool and have pirate nails!

Chloé – Red Track Pants //
Céline – Black Sunglasses //
Samsøe Samsøe – Tee Support Children In Need //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Pirate //
Meotine – Classic Biker //
ASOS – Glitter Ankle Socks //
Saint Laurent – Fringed Leather Shopper //
Adidas – Superstar 80S Shoes //
Chanel – Chance Eau De Parfum Spray //

Chloé Red Track Pants & High Heels

We’re going out for sushi tonight with the kids at a local restaurant. So I would need to dress up the red pants. I think almost every look can be updated with a pair of high heels and a nice blazer.

I love these cute lip earrings with red topaz. They’ll bring a bit of humor to my outfit.

Chloé – Red Track Pants //
Zara – “Leather” Top (Sale) //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Pirate //
Rag & Bone – Classic Oversized Black Blazer //
Plissé Copenhagen – Lip Topaz Earring Silver //
Chanel – Illusion D’Ombre Velvet Fleur De Pierre //
Notabene – Suede Black Sandals //
Saint Laurent – Monogram Shoulder Bag //

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Home Wear

Home Wear

Home Wear
I love home wear clothes and most days I’ll go home and change to some comfy home wear.

Therefore it’s also a priority to have nice home wear, and there’s a lot cool home wear so you’ve no excuse for wearing old warn out sweat pants.

I only wear home wear that I wouldn’t mind any uninvited guests seeing me in. I would wear this outfit on a Tuesday evening after work or a slow Sunday morning.

I love these knit pants and the knit top from the online retail space The Haute Pursuit. Vanessa Hong’s blog is also one of my favorite blogs. I think she has such a cool style.

THP – Jamie Off Shoulder Knit Top //
THP – Jamie Knit Track Pant
Lola’s Love – Horn Mini Gold Necklace //
Adidas – All White Superstar //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Moon Stud Earrings //

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All images are from the websites I link to.

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Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day is coming up, it’s on Sunday May 8th.

I’ve found a good selection of Mother’s Day gifts that I would love to receive myself from my husband & kiddos. Some expensive and some very inexpensive. When it comes to gifts it’s not about the price, but about the effort and the thoughts behind. And unexpected surprises are always good – also when it’s not Mother’s Day.

Here are 20 gift ideas for Mother’s Day:

1. Satin Pyjamas //
2. Favorite magazine Rum //
3. Lingerie: Anine Bing Lace Bra & Lace Panties //
4. Tromborg Body Oil //
5. Yoga Mat Adidas by Stealla McCartney //
6. Tom Dixon Scented Candle //
7. Karmameju Barthrobe //
8. Paddle Board //
9. Yoga Lessons – Temple Yoga on the beach //
10. Yoga Retreat //

11. Flowers //
12. Jewellery – Jane Koenig Love Tags or Stine A Mom Necklace //
13. Concert tickets //
14. Dinner at a lovely restaurant //
15. Favorite chocolate //
16. Breakfast in bed //
17. Pedicure //
18. Drawings from my kids //
19. Picnic in the sunset //
20. Weekend-get-away //

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Karmameju Homewear & Spa


Do you know the Danish brand Karmameju? They design homewear, home- and spa products. Right now I’m dreaming of buying a few more Karmameju products. For myself it’s the Fleece Bathrobe and the Cozy Socks and for my kids it’s the Fleece Pantsuite. They used to have similar fleece pantsuites when they were younger from Verre de Terre and Petit Bateau and they loved them. Maybe I’ll even get one myself as they’re also made for adults. I can very well imagine myself wearing that at home cuddling up in front of the fireplace.

I can really recommend this brand. We’ve two of their lovely Fleece Blankets, the quality is superb and they’re just so soft. We use the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion with neroli at our guest toilet – they smell amazing. I use their Konjac Sponge every day to wash my face at night and in the shower. It has a soft exfoliating effect. The Calm Balm I simply use for everything. It’s all natural and it’s good for dry or sore skin.

The Exfoliating Salt Balm I use when giving myself a home spa treatment – there’s nothing better than to take a little time for yourself. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa, all though that’s definitely also nice once in a while. But with a few good products, scented candles and music you can create the same ambiance at home and you save both time and money. And if you’re a mum like me it suddenly gets a lot easier to have a spa day!

Makalu Pantsuite Kids // Mount Everest Bathrobe // Fleece Banket //
Calm Balm // Konjac Sponge // Exfoliating Salt Balm //
Hand Lotion & Hand Wash // Cozy Socks //

Sunday Chilling


Sunday is family time. I love Sundays, especially the slow ones.

Today I woke up to the smell of pancakes and the buzzing sounds of my kids downstairs in our kitchen waiting for dad to get done with the large stack of pancakes. I love that sound. Who can blame my kids for also loving Sundays when dad take the time to make the world’s best pancakes and lots of them!

Went for a long work to the local park with the dog and my daughter on her brand new kick scooter. It’s probably the best Christmas present this year and she’s so proud of it!

The rest of the day I’ve spent enjoying the heat from our fireplaces, drinking chai tea and eating homemade buns. Life is good!