5 Days Reboot

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Inspired by Joe Cross my husband and I have just done a 5 days Reeboot. We’ve made our new Hurom slow juicer our new best friend in the kitchen. Never have I bought that much kale, cucumber, celery and ginger.

It’s hard. Especially in the beginning. And yes, you do miss chewing when the only thing you’re having is the Joe’s Mean Green Juice. But it definitely also makes you feel very good, light and proud. I kept thinking to myself: “Yes I can do this!” and “How hard can it be?” I mean, if Joe Cross could live of this, and only this for two months crossing the US then 5 days should be a walk in the park! I was not.

For me the hardest thing was making lovely dinner for my kids and then not having any of it. All those lovely smells. I love food, and for the last 5 days I have been thinking af lot of food and making a whole lot of Mean Green Juice.

I do think such a reboot is good for you other wise I wouldn’t do it since I’m not overweight at all. It makes you think of how often you eat just a tiny bit of this and that during the day. I do think it can definitely be a good start of weight loos or just a start of a more green, conscious and healthy diet. That’s what it is for me!

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Slow juicing


The new black in health is definitely slow juicing.

We’ve made our own juices for some years now, but with a traditional juicer. With slow juicing you preserve more of the natural nutrition, flavor and color.

So we’ve just bought a Hurom Slow Juicer. This slow juicer should be one of the best on the market.

In the holidays after having read about it, we saw the Joe Cross documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. It definitely made us want to try out his Mean Green Juice.

Mean Green Juice (2 servings):
2 cucumbers
8 celery stalks
4 apples
16 leaves kale with stalks
1 lemon
2 in (5 cm) piece of ginger

It’s mean in the sense that it’s very spicy from the ginger, but if you like ginger, then I don’t think it’s that mean. It does taste and look very healthy, but I had imagined that it would be somewhat worse tasting. It’s funny because you feel healthy when you drink it!