Home Wear

Home Wear

Home Wear
I love home wear clothes and most days I’ll go home and change to some comfy home wear.

Therefore it’s also a priority to have nice home wear, and there’s a lot cool home wear so you’ve no excuse for wearing old warn out sweat pants.

I only wear home wear that I wouldn’t mind any uninvited guests seeing me in. I would wear this outfit on a Tuesday evening after work or a slow Sunday morning.

I love these knit pants and the knit top from the online retail space The Haute Pursuit. Vanessa Hong’s blog is also one of my favorite blogs. I think she has such a cool style.

THP – Jamie Off Shoulder Knit Top //
THP – Jamie Knit Track Pant
Lola’s Love – Horn Mini Gold Necklace //
Adidas – All White Superstar //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Moon Stud Earrings //

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All images are from the websites I link to.

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Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim
I love these images. The reportage is called ‘Matteau Swim’ and made for the ‘Unconditional Magaazine’.

I don’t often see so beautiful and cool swimsuit and bikini images. They’re shot in April 2015 by photographer Alexandrea Nataf. The gorgeous model is Phoebe Tonkin (25).

The images definitely make me wanna go for a swim and have sleek wet hair all day long!

Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

 Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

Matteau Swim

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All images are from Unconditional Magazine shot by photographer Alexandrea Nataf and model Phoebe Tonkin.

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Chanel Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Chanel Paddle Board

The other I went on a paddle board tip from one of the lovely beaches north of Copenhagen.

It’s so much fun and good exercise too, both for arms, back and core. And it’s a bonus that you can actually also get at bit tanned while you are on the board. I get the feeling of freedom when I’m on the sea.

It wasn’t my first trip, but this one was challenging as the sea wasn’t completely calm. I love beach life and everything you can do on the beach including all water sports.

I would love to have my own paddle board. Until then I’m fortunate enough to have a close girlfriend who’ll lent me her board.

She’s a member of a Paddle Board Club – it’s a good idea to be, as you can have your board stored there and also borrow boards.

Paddle Board Wear

You can go paddle boarding in anything you feel comfortable in. I prefer to wear a bikini and a pair of loose shorts, a cap, a pair of inexpensive sunglasses (if I fall into the waterI might loose them), and a high sun protection sunscreen is also very important. The sun is reflected on the sea, so it’s extra important to protect both your eyes and your skin.

No shoes are needed – it’s just to wear to go to the beach!

Chanel – Surf Borad //
North – Kradan Bikini //
H&M – Black Sunglasses //
H&M – Army Cotton Cap //
Kiehl’s – Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ //
Givenchy – Embellished Flat Leather Sandals //
H&M – Black Loose Fit Shorts //

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Beoplay ‘Sound To Go’


The other day my husband came home with this little wonder for me. It’s a Beoplay A1 – a super cool ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker. I love music and with this Beoplay A1 and my iPhone I’ve now got superb ‘Sound To Go’!

It’s so good timing just before my weekend trip to Nice. We can enjoy music in the apartment that we’ve rented, on the balcony and even bring the good sound to the beach. Music baby!

B & O calls it ‘The truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls’. I think it’s a cool gadget and the sound is definitely good enough to start a summer party! And it’ll definitely bring even more sound and bass into my life.

The Beoplay A1 is designed by the award winning Danish designer Cecilie Manz.

Expericence and Buy Beoplay A1 here //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Nice Nice Baby


Dreaming of what I’ll be doing the next 3 days in Nice. I’m backing a light suitcase as we’re bringing our luggage to the cabin. It’s not that easy to travel light.

I’m going tonight for a long weekend trip with eight of my sweet girlfriends back from high school. I know the weather will be good – 20 degrees and sun most of the time. So no complaints here.

I’m looking forward to my morning runs at the seafront, it’s the best start of the day anywhere in the world. You see how the town wakes up when the sun is rising. I love it. Then it’s also excusable to eat a lovely warm croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast with a good cup of café au lait.

We’re going to share a big apartment that we’ve rented through rbnb. It’s just a couple of street off the seafront in the center of Nice. Luckily there’s more than one bathroom with eight girls together.

When I travel I enjoy just having the time to sit at the classic cafés outside looking at people anytime during the day.

We’ll spend some of the days at the beach enjoying the sun. We’ll be eating lunch at lovely beach restaurants whoa you can sit there for hours sipping rosé wine, eating Moules Mariners, Chèvre Chaud or the classic french fish soup Bouillabaisse with aioli.

 I’m also looking forward to walking around in the old part of Nice, it’s so lovely. It’s where we’ll eat our dinners, there’s so much life and such a good atmosphere. We’ll also visit the local market – I love going to markets.

I’m sure that the three days together with the girls will just fly away.

Panama Staw Hat //
Chanel – Frenzy Nailpolish //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //
CELINE – Sunglasses //
 & Other Stories – Yellow Snake Clutch //
GIVENCHY – Embellished Leather Sandals //

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All images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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Summer & Beach Vibes


Dreaming of going to the beach – and I’m definitely going next week where I’ll go to Nice for a long weekend with eight of my girlfriends.

I’ve to work hard on getting tanned legs – some times it not so bad to work hard!

I wouldn’t mind wearing this and nothing else except a lot of sunscreen and always with a high factor. I also always wear a hat with a big shade, this ombre one looks really cool. I keep my face away from the sun as much as possible – there’s no reason get more wrinkles than necessary.

The Danish Fashion brand RAIINE is definitely one of my favorite brands at the moment. I would love to wear this RAIINE Kaftan blouse to the beach, but also with a cool pair of jeans, shorts or leather pants. It also comes in a long version which is also very cool.

I’m looking for a new swimsuit and I think this one shoulder one looks very nice and it’s quite affordable. The good thing about a swimsuit is that you wear it with a pair of shorts and go to lunch on the beach without feeling too naked.

Ancient Greek makes really nice and good quality leather sandals traditionally handcrafted in Greece.I first spotted them in Saint Tropez many years ago, but now you can buy them a lot of places. I like the Alcyone leather sandals with the galdiator-like construction. They’re from Ancient Greek collaboration with Athenian jewellery house Ilias Lalaounis.

A bit of shine always good. I like to use the Face & Body Shine from Tromborg. It gives you a bit of glow and you can apply it on top or your sunscreen.

RAIINE Kaftan // Ombre Straw Hat //
Ancient Greek Alcyone Sandal // Weekday Swimsuit //
Tromborg Face & Body Shine //

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 All the images are from the websites I link to and Pinterest.

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A Woman I Admire


I’m going to start a new serie called “Woman I Admire”. It’s all about woman that inspire me in different ways with what they do, who they are and their look and style.

The first one is Julianne Moore. I admire Julianne Moore and I think she’s one of Hollywood’s best actresses.

I can’t recall that I’ve ever seen any bad movies with Julianne Moore and I really love to watch movies so I’ve see and do see a lot of movies. I’m always spellbound by the characters she plays on screen. In contrary to many actors I think she plays very different roles. She always seem to catch that inner vulnerability of her characters.

I think she’s very beautiful with the pale ski, freckles and reddish hair. She doesn’t look like all the rest of the actresses and that’s maybe also one of her strengths. And she wears her age very well. She can play younger woman than her actual age, women her own age or older without you noticing.

Off screen in the spot light, I’m always blown away by her beauty and style. She really nails it every time. Never too much and never boring. She always looks so stylish an effortless chick – be it on the red carpet or in a fashion reportage like these amazing images form Net-a-porter’s online magazine The Edit.








Some of my favorite movies with Julianne Moore are: “The Kids Are All Right”, “Still Alice”, “What Maisie Knew”, “Chloe” and “The Shipping News” and there’re many more.

All the images are from Net-a-porter.com – The Edit. Photographs by Sebastian Kim and styling by Catherine Newell-Hanson.

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Blue Sky & Feeling Blessed


Today’s mood is all about blue sky and feeling blessed.

I had the best birthday yesterday. I got spoiled all day by my family and close friends. And I can truly say that I felt so happy and blessed all day. I’m so thankful.

I love the saying “When life gives you lemons – make lemonade” as life is really about making and getting the best out of every day and every situation. It’s your happiness is your own responsibility.

I believe in the gift of giving and that if you treat other people good you will feel better about your self and it’ll bring you good karma.


From my kids I got the Raiine SIYEH Denim Jacket and cute drawings that made my heart melt.

The jacket is so cool. It’s made of stretch grey denim so it’s very soft to wear. It has got so many cool details and I do love all the fringes. I already know that it’ll be summer favorite.

My husband gave me a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. I actually got it a couple of weeks ago. My beloved Cartier watch was stolen a few years ago and I just never got around to replace it. This is such a good replacement.

I got the Narcisco Rodriguez ‘for her’ perfum from our dog Karla. Good job – with those shopping skills you wouldn’t know that she’s a street dog from Portugal. It smells wonderful and the beautiful flacon in this amazing ballerina pale pink color is a bonus.

My mum and parents in law gave me money, so I’ll definitely spoil myself with the cool Maria Black Orbit earring.

My two girlfriends aka ‘Team Paris’ surprised me with a grey ceramic jar with bamboo lid and a par of black leather ankle boots. The jar is perfect for instant coffee.

Other friends dropped by with my favorite white flowers and big hugs. I received so many b-day wishes and loved every single one of them. I simply love birthdays!

Raiine SIYEH Denim Jacket //
Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust //
Narcisco Rodriguz ‘for her’ eau de parfum //
Maria Black Orbit Earring //
Bloomingville Ceramic Jar With Bamboo Lid //
Black Leather Boots //

The images are from Pinterest and the website I link to.

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It’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

Skærmbillede 2016-02-09 kl. 15.02.00

Yes, it’s my birthday – and I love it.

Birthdays are the best including my own. I love all occasions for celebrating.

I don’t know why I thought of this song by Lesley Cord ‘It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To’. I’ve absolutely no reason for crying.

I got spoiled this morning by my husband and kids. Birthday breakfast with presents is tradition in our house, something that I was brought up with and cherish a lot.

Two of my girlfriends are picking me up taking me out for lunch – we’re having picnic on the beach.

And this evening I’m going to a really good rooftop sushi restaurant here in Copenhagen with the nearest of my family to celebrate.

I’m going to be spoiled all day long. A perfect day, hurra!