Adidas Sailor Pants Look

Dreaming Of A Pair Of Adidas Sailor Pants

I love that the 1970’ies model of the classic Adidas pants are back – wide legs and low waist.

I just saw this pair the other day in Naked CPH, which is a cool sneaker shop here in Copenhagen. They also have cool sportswear. Unfortunately I did’t have time to try them on, but I’ve been thinking about them ever since.

I would love th wear them to work with a classic navy blazer and my suede high stiletto boots.

In the weekend I would wear them with a slim fit turtleneck and a pair of cool sneakers.

Adidas Originals – Sailor Pants Black //
Zara – Oversized Blazer Navy //
& Other Stories – Sheer Wool T-shirt //
Notabene – Milla Suede Ankel Boots  //
Proenza Schouler – PS11 New Linosa //
Maria Black – Hydra Medi Earring Gold //
Chanel – No 5 L’Eau Spray //

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Adidas Kind of Sunday

It’s a track pants kind of Sunday – do you know that feeling? No hangovers or anything just loving for that cozy feeling of comfortable sporty home wear.

I saw these Adidas pictures the other day and felt like having a pair of classic oversized 3-stripes Adidas track pants.

I’ll probably go for the Navy version with white stripes – but in an oversized version as the ones with red stripes on the images below.

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //

Burburry – The Kensington Long Heritage Trench Coat //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & Red Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – White Logo Socks //
Monki – Cropped Blue Jeans //
LA Panoplie’s – Navy oversized Bomber Jacket //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
H&M – Grey Sweatshirt //
Asos – Navy Blue Chinos //

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas Black Winter Jacket //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – 3-Stpripes Sweatshirt //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

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Adidas Stan Smith Platform

Adidas Stan Smith Platform

I’ve got my eyes on these Adidas Stan Smith platform sneakers.

I believe it’s a new version of the classic Stan Smith. I find them quite cool and I’m looking forward seeing them in real live. Don’t you think they are cool?

The image is from Instagram.

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Chanel Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Chanel Paddle Board

The other I went on a paddle board tip from one of the lovely beaches north of Copenhagen.

It’s so much fun and good exercise too, both for arms, back and core. And it’s a bonus that you can actually also get at bit tanned while you are on the board. I get the feeling of freedom when I’m on the sea.

It wasn’t my first trip, but this one was challenging as the sea wasn’t completely calm. I love beach life and everything you can do on the beach including all water sports.

I would love to have my own paddle board. Until then I’m fortunate enough to have a close girlfriend who’ll lent me her board.

She’s a member of a Paddle Board Club – it’s a good idea to be, as you can have your board stored there and also borrow boards.

Paddle Board Wear

You can go paddle boarding in anything you feel comfortable in. I prefer to wear a bikini and a pair of loose shorts, a cap, a pair of inexpensive sunglasses (if I fall into the waterI might loose them), and a high sun protection sunscreen is also very important. The sun is reflected on the sea, so it’s extra important to protect both your eyes and your skin.

No shoes are needed – it’s just to wear to go to the beach!

Chanel – Surf Borad //
North – Kradan Bikini //
H&M – Black Sunglasses //
H&M – Army Cotton Cap //
Kiehl’s – Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ //
Givenchy – Embellished Flat Leather Sandals //
H&M – Black Loose Fit Shorts //

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Ivy Park Collection by Beyoncé


Wau the Ivy Park Sports Collection by Beyoncé is so cool. Queen B does it again. You could ask: “Is there anything she can’t do?”

The whole Ivy Park collection is cool and wearable, also if you’re not size zero. I like the way they’ve styled all the images and with a gorgeous afroamerican model.

I’ve found a big selection of my favorite items. It’s so hard only to pick a few items. Everything is quite affordable and all the items match each other.

Bomber // White Tank Top // Grey Pants //
White Mesh Tee// Mesh Parka & Leggings // Vest //
Black Strap Top // White Mesh Parka // Mesh Hoodie //


Black Logo Tee // Black Leggings // Grey Backless Top //
Black Top // Grey Sweat Hoodie // Gym Body //
Black Mesh Tee // Black Bra Back // Black Bra Front //

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