Eric B & Rakim

Old School Hip Hop Kind Of Day With Eric B & Rakim

Today’s tune is old school hip hop, it’s ‘Don’t Sweat The Technique’ withe Eric B & Rakim.

They’re a legendary duo – ranked as one of the 10 Greatest Hip Hop Duos of All-time.

I love this old school hip hop. Do you?

‘Don’t Sweat The Technique’ With Eric B & Rakim //

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The image is from hiphopgoldenage.

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Perfect Navy Coat

The Perfect Navy Coat – The Haunt Is On!

I’m looking for the perfect navy wool coat for winter. This one – might be the one, but the haunt is still on!

I love the classic styling of this navy coat with the flare blue jeans and the French looking model.

Filippa K – Navy Wool Coat //

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Sunday Mood

Sunday in Cozy Knit, Rockstuds & Sneakers

It’s kind of the first real day of Autumn here in Copenhagen. We’ve had such a wonderful warm and sunny September. But now it’s time for layering up and wearing cozy knits.

I’m always on the look for cool home wear and this matching knit set from Zara is perfect for home wear – or cozy weekend wear. But you can of course also wear it for work if you dress it up. I like the flare detail of the pants and the evase sleeves.

For a Sunday like today out and about with my family I would definitely wear it with a pair of favorite Adidas Sneakers and an oversized blazer in a wool mix to keep warm. Add a bling backpack and a beautiful ear cuff to give the outfit a bit of edge.

I think this Valentino backpack is so nice – I love the army green color and the contrast between the gold rockstuds and the fact that it’s basically just a really nice backpack.

Zara – Knit Flared Pants //
Zara – Top Evase Sleeves //
Ileana Makri – Gold Ear Cuff with White Diamonds //
Isabel Marant Etoile – Grey Oversize Blazer //
Adidas – Originals Stan Smith Leather Sneakers //
Valentino – Rockstsud Medium Leather Backpack //

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Zara Ruffles White Blouse

Ruffles & Cool 80’ies Wibes

I’ve got my eyes on this white blouse with ruffles from Zara. It looks so cool. I admit that it might also have something to do with the model, Sasha Pivovarova!

But I do have a thing for ruffles and I do love the oversized look – and the focus on the waiste with the high-waisted black pants. It gives a cool 80’ies wibe!

For work I would wear it with black pumps and gold solar loops from Maria Black. In the evening I would put on a pair of strap sandals and a leather biker jacket.

Zara White Ruffles Blouse

Zara – White Ruffle Blouse //

Black Highwaisted Pants from Zara
Zara – Highwaisted Black Pants //

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Doll Heads Sculpture

I’m in love with this crazy and cool Doll Heads Sculpture.

I’ve seen similar sculptures with butterflies inside, but this is so much more me. A bit edgy and it would fit perfectly in our home.

1stdibs – Antique Doll Heads Scupture

The image is from the website I link to.

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Matteau Swim

Highstreet Bikinis


Here’s a selection of cool bikinis from different highstreet chains. They’re all some that I would like to wear this summer.

I’m looking for a new bikini as my favorite from last summer is a bit worn out. I prefer either the triangle bikinis or the bandeau ones. I like when you can easily remove the straps when sunbathing, so I can minimize the white tanning lines.

Highstreet Bikinis

Like with clothes I’m not that much into print. Then it has to be very minimal, very special or the classic stripes. I’m definitely not into multi color or flower bombs as you can see from my selection. Maybe you can find inspiration in my bikini selection?

Zara – Gold Bikni //

H&M – Striped Bikini Top // H&M – Striped Bikini Bottom //

Zara – Black Bandeau Bikini Top // Zara – Black Bikini Bottom //

Topshop – White Bikini Top // Topshop – White Bikini Bottom //

Zara – Animal Bikini //

H&M – Blue Bikni Bandeau Top With Ruffles // H&M – Blue Bikini Bottom With Ruffles //

Mango – Navy Textured Bikini Top // Mango – Navy Textured Bikini Bottom //

Topshop – Black Fringe Triangle Bikini Top // Topshop – Black Bikini Bottom //

Mango – Snake Printed Bikini Top // Mango – Snake Printed Bikini Bottom //


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Flared Leather Pants


These flared leather pants from By Malene Birger are on my wish list. I already own a pair from another brand but the zipper just broke.

I’ll of course fix the zipper, but maybe I do need an extra pair since I wear them a lot. They also come in burgundy which could be a good alternative.

Flared Black Leather Pants // Flared Burgundy Leather Pants //


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All White


I love white for summer and I’m also really into suiting up and playing with the masculine and feminine references. This ‘All White’ outfit is just perfect in my eyes. I would love to wear this to work today.

I can imagine wearing a matching white blazer with this outfit for work and adding a cool leather biker jacket or a leather kimono jacket for going out for drinks after work. Both looks would be really cool.

White shirt

Zara White Shirt //

White pants

Loose Fit Pants //

Black Strappy shoes

Black Strap Shoes //

I tried on the black trap shoes when I visited Spain in February and they’re quite nice considering the price. They looked so elegant with bare legs and a dress.

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Gucci Vintage Vibes


I really adore the vintage-vibe of these Gucci pumps. I like the chunky heels, round toes and the loafer-inspired fringing. For 105 mm heals I’m also quite sure they’re comfortable to walk in.

I would wear them with cropped jeans, bare angels and a classic blazer. Or with a lace dress and a chunky knit.

Black Gucci fringed suede pumps //
Gold Gucci fringed cracked-leather pumps //