Cover Up In A Cool Bodystocking

Yes the bodystocking is back for good, so be prepared to cover up in a cool bodystocking!

Wear it under a cool silk shirt or for evening wear y you can wear it under a fitted blazer.

I love this more sporty version of a bodystocking with the sher cut outs. It’s from & Other Stories.

Bodystocking backside - & Other Stories

& Other Stories – Bodystocking //

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Rock’N Roll Friday

Today was a bit of a Rock’N Roll Friday – a least according to my outfit.

I bought a new biker leather jacket on my holiday – a bit shorter and a lot softer than the one I all ready owned. Nothing fancy. It’s exactly this one from Zara which I found on sale. It was so cheap that I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn’t.

Another really good holiday purchase is these cool ankle boots – also from Zara. I think they look so good with a dress, but I also wear them with cropped jeans and shorts.

I just added a bit of jewelry and a cool Chanel nail polish. Fro me this is quick and easy wear with a bit of rock’n roll attitude!

Zara – High Neck Dress //
Zara – Biker Leather Jacket //
Pico – Tooth Gold Necklace //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Plissé Copenhagen – Double Ball Earring //
Tom Ford – Sunglasses //
Zara – Ankel Leather Booties //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Kaiki Zara Shirt

Back To Work Wear

I’m back at work and enjoying the every day rush – and the rock & roll!

Among other things I brought back this lovely kaki shirt from Zara and these black leather ankle boots from my holiday in the south of Spain. I wore both today with my leather pencil skirt, MP glitter socks and a touch of Chanel.

My kids are making fun at me by telling me, that I’ve got toothpaste on my shirt – funny how they pretend not to understand it’s supposed to be this way. I like these white dyed dots, the black buttons and not least the soft fabric this kaki shirt is made of.

Ray Ban – Pink Aviator Sunglasses //
Zara – Kaki Shirt //
By Malene Birger – Monica Leather Shopper //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Beige Rose //
Stand – Leather Pencil Skirt //
Chanel – Change Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette Spray //
MP – Glitter Socks //
Zara – Black Leather Ankel Boots //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Pleated Dress & Babouches

Pleated Dress & Babouches

I’m counting down the days until our summer vacation.

As always I like to wear contrast as in something feminine  and something with a bit of edge or masculine.

In this outfit the white pleated Warehouse dress is quite feminine so I’ll add a classic biker leather jacket this one is from Meotine – and a pair of comfortable flat leather babouches to tone down the dress.

I love the dot bodystocking from the Danish brand North – that also adds a bit of edge as you’ll be able to se part of the bodystocking under the white pleated slip dress.

I just bought these cool round sunglasses the other day. They’re form H&M, so very affordable. The glasses have a very warm look when you wear them, which makes them even more nice to wear. I like the 70’es vibe of these glasses.

The nail color from Chanel is called Eastern Light – perfect match for the Arabic inspired leather babouches. I think that pale nails are very flattering in the summertime where my hands gets a bit tanned as well.

The double ball earring from Plissé Copenhagen resembles the design of Sophie Bille Brahe, which I admire. But this is quite another price range.

Warehouse – White Pleat Cami Dress //
H&M – Round Sunglasses //
Meotine – Classic Biker Leather Jacket //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Color Eastern Light //
Zara – Black Leather Babouches //
Plissé Copenhagen – Pearl Ball Extra Ball Earring //
Rolex – Vintage Watch //
North – Sletten Body Dot Bodystocking //

All images are from the websites I link to.

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Army RAIINE Shirt

The Army Shirt

For a while now I’ve had my eyes on this army shirt from one of my favorite Danish brands RAIINE. And now it’s on sale.

I would wear it with a pair of grey skinny jeans like these, also from RAIINE – and on sale.

Together with my old but still very cool Alexander Wang Sandal Booties. Alexander Wang is really exceptionel good at designing cool shoes. Stylewise they last for long, they always have a bit of edge and they’re actually comfortable to wear.

I really like the Angle Wing Earrings from the Danish Jeweler Brand PLISSÉ Copenhagen. They make them in all colors. My favorite one is this black and white,  and alternatively an all black wing or an all white wing.

Chanel nail color is my all time favorite together with Essie. This color is called Frenzy and it’s so nice especially in summer time where your hands get a bit tanned.

RAIINE – Currahee shirt //
PLISSEÉ Copenhagen – Angel Wing Earring //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Saint Laurent – Fringed Leather Shopper //
RAIINE – Palmer Jeans / /
Alexander Wang – Platform Leather Booties //
CÉLINE – Black Sunglasses //

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Bare Shoulder LBD

LBD On A Wednesday

This is how I would wear Today’s Highstreet Tip – Cute Dress from Zara with bare shoulders.

I’ll wear it with my favorite high-heeled suede ankel booties from Moss Copenhagen – it’s been such a good highstreet buy, a classic black biker jacket and a few accessories – gold earrings, big sunglasses and black nails.

A big shopper is a must for me to bring for work. It has to be big enough for my laptop, a pair of sneakers, a sweater or a warm scarf, my sunnies and a small clutch with my ladies stuff.

In this outfit the shopper and the sunglasses are the only high end pieces and they can easily be replaced with no brand items or similar items from highstreet chains. It’s only a matter of what kind of quality you want.

Zara – Black Dress With Volantes //
Pico – Creol Gold Earrings //
Chanel – Black Satin Nail Colour //
Metotine – Classic Biker Jacket //
Saint Laurent – Fringed Leather Shopper //
Chloé – Carlina Blue Sunglasses //
Moss Copenhagen – Black Suede High-heeled Booties //

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All images are from the websites I link to.

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Denim A-line Skirt

The Denim Skirt

A denim skirt is a classic piece in the summer wardrobe.

It’s so easy to wear. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with flats or sneakers.

I think a lot of the highstreet chains makes cool denim skirts which are very inexpensive – like this one from Monki in the classic light blue denim color.

For work in the summer I’ll wear it with a classic oversized black blazer to dress it up and black strap sandals that makes my legs look good. The cool t-shirt from être cécile gives my look a bit of edge. That’s easy wear on a Monday morning!

être cécile – Paris City Limits Tee //
Monki – A-line Demin skirt //
Ray Ban – Aviator Gradient Blue Sunglasses //
Rag & Bone – Oversized Black Blazer //
Notabene – Blanca Suede Strap Sandals //

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The images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest the Levis 501 relaunch campaign.

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Moto Skirt & White Denim Top

The Moto Skirt

Bring on The Moto Skirt!

I love the cool zip details and pockets of this Anine Bing Moto Leather Skirt.

For work I’ll wear it with a classic oversized black blazer – it’s an easy way to tone it a bit down. I’ll match it with a white denim top and flat lace-up sandals.

I tend to mix silver and gold – so even though the skirt and shoes have silver details I’ll wear gold jewelry.

& Other Stories – Frayed Denim Top White //
Anine Bing – Moto Leather Skirt //
Mango – Satin Lapels Blazer //
Pico – Creol Earrrings Size Medium //
Pico – Tooth Necklace //
Iro Paris – Lace-up Leather Sandals //

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Toga Pulla Mini Skirt

The Mini Skirt

How about a statement mini skirt? Or at least that’s what I would call this cool Toga Pulla mini skirt. I love the fabric and the pocket details.

I like to wear a mini skirt, however it’s important that its worn in a classy way, especially for work.

I like the contrast between the feminin and the masculine in an outfit and that fits perfect with a miniskirt. I’ll wear it with my classic lace-up mens shoes and a simple blouse to get that cool balance.

Together with beautiful understated summer Chanel nails, a wonderful Chanel sent and cool sunnies I’m ready to go!

Toga Pulla – Faux Leather Panelled Mini Skirt //
& Other Stories – Tie Cuff Longsleeve Blouse //
Cos – Lace-up Leather Shoes //
Tom Ford – Elliot Vintage Aviator Sunglasses //
Chanel – Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour //
Chanel – Chance Eau De Parfum Spray //

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Anine Bing White Dress

White Monday

I’m looking for the perfect white dress. This cool layered silk dress from Swedish Anine Bing could be the perfect candidate.

I like that it’ll show off my waist and the long sleeves makes it more wearable also for Spring and Autumn.

This is how I would wear it to work today. The dress is pretty so it need a bit of edge. I’ll wear it with glitter socks, cool cut-out Toga Pulla boots, lace bra, statement earrings, a cool ear cuff and black nails!

Anine Bing – Layered White Silk Dress //
Maria Black – Illusion Ear Cuff Silver //
Auriel Biedermann – Statement Earrings ( On Sale) //
Chanel – Black Satin Nail Colour //
Anine Bing – White Lace Bra With Trim //
Toga Pulla Cut-out Buckle Boots //
ASOS – Gold Glitter Ankle Socks With Silver Welt //

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