Rock Chicks


How cool is this girl on these pictures?
I love the rock chick meets french femme attitude and the hippie vibes. Zadig et Voltaire are really brilliant at their styling.

I variation of the outfits i so cool and how they play with the accessories. It definitely makes me want to wear hat, fringes and white dresses with cool boots.

And I’m amazed of how cool a pink suite can look. I love the combination of fabrics in all the outfits that I’ve picked. I like when you play with texture of the fabrics. Here it’s the mix of leather and silk, denim and silk, cotton and suede and so on.

Image 1: Volly Bis Blazer // Rex Deluxe Dress // Bamboo Hippie Bag // Laureen Roma Boots //

Image 2: Tool Dots Blouse // Navy Cap // Plaire Jeans // Santa Fe Belt // Ember Sandals //

Image 3: Victor Star Deluxe Blazer & Pomeo Star Deluxe Pants // Tool Dots Blouse // Cara Boots //Alabama Hat //

Image 4: Ridney Deluxe Overalls Dress // Theos Deluxe Shirt // Ember Sandals //

Bare legs and boots look so cool. I love the skimpy shorts with the suspenderes on image 3. I wouldn’t dare even to try to pull of that look. But the outfit on image 4 with the cotton dress and the suede fringed dress I would wear.

Image 1: Theresa Tunic // Simio Deluxe Shorts //Vagabond Hippie Suede Bag // Laureen Roma Boots //

Image 2: Love T-shirt// Pharel Zip Deluxe Leggings // India Fishnet Cardigan // Obayo Hat //

Image 3: Valence Bis Blazer // Strapin Sequin Delux Suspenders // Cara Boots //

Image 4: Ranil Dress // Kioky Suede Deluxe Jacket // Laureen Roma Boots //

Those boots, the bags and the black & white sneakers are so cool. I also really like the feminine white dress with the military kind of boots.

Image 1: Rafina Suede Deluxe Dress // Cara Boots //

Image 2: XS Boxy Nash Bag //

Image 3: Unfortunately I can’t find the sneakers //

Image 4: Candide Medium Zip Bag // Ranil Dress // Laureen Roma Boots


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