Adidas Kind of Sunday

It’s a track pants kind of Sunday – do you know that feeling? No hangovers or anything just loving for that cozy feeling of comfortable sporty home wear.

I saw these Adidas pictures the other day and felt like having a pair of classic oversized 3-stripes Adidas track pants.

I’ll probably go for the Navy version with white stripes – but in an oversized version as the ones with red stripes on the images below.

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //

Burburry – The Kensington Long Heritage Trench Coat //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & Red Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – White Logo Socks //
Monki – Cropped Blue Jeans //
LA Panoplie’s – Navy oversized Bomber Jacket //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
H&M – Grey Sweatshirt //
Asos – Navy Blue Chinos //

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas Black Winter Jacket //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – 3-Stpripes Sweatshirt //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

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Adidas Stan Smith Platform

Adidas Stan Smith Platform

I’ve got my eyes on these Adidas Stan Smith platform sneakers.

I believe it’s a new version of the classic Stan Smith. I find them quite cool and I’m looking forward seeing them in real live. Don’t you think they are cool?

The image is from Instagram.

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Home Wear

Home Wear

Home Wear
I love home wear clothes and most days I’ll go home and change to some comfy home wear.

Therefore it’s also a priority to have nice home wear, and there’s a lot cool home wear so you’ve no excuse for wearing old warn out sweat pants.

I only wear home wear that I wouldn’t mind any uninvited guests seeing me in. I would wear this outfit on a Tuesday evening after work or a slow Sunday morning.

I love these knit pants and the knit top from the online retail space The Haute Pursuit. Vanessa Hong’s blog is also one of my favorite blogs. I think she has such a cool style.

THP – Jamie Off Shoulder Knit Top //
THP – Jamie Knit Track Pant
Lola’s Love – Horn Mini Gold Necklace //
Adidas – All White Superstar //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Moon Stud Earrings //

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Maxi Dress & White Sneakers

Maxi Dress & Favorite Sneakers

Maxi Dress & White Sneakers

I wouldn’t mind wearing this today. It would easily take med from daywear to my dinner date tonight. This outfit is a mix high end accessories, highstreet clothes and a couple of classics.

I like to wear maxi dresses in the summer, but it’s important for me to add a bit of edge. I do that by with a cool leather jacket and my favorite all white Adidas Superstar sneakers.

I’ve got several maxi dresses from Moss Copenhagen. They’re so soft and nice to wear, I would love to add this one to my collection. It’s on sale.

I like this biker jacket from Meotine. In front the jacket looks like a classic biker jacket and then on the back you have the cool fringes that makes it special.

These statement earrings from Aurélie Bidermann is on my wishlist. I would wear them for a wedding later this month, but also to dress up my everyday look with sneakers. I’m sure that they make a wonderful little noise, when you wear them.

These Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses from Valentino are so cool. It’s a classic model, so I’m sure I can wear them for a lot of years. But the bone detail gives them that little extra twist, so they’re not just another pair of aviators.

I really like the monogramme quilted textured-leather shoulder bags from Saint Laurent. I just saw this new one in racing green. It’s really gorgeous. It would add that little touch of color to all my very black and white outfits. In my bag I’ve got a purse perfum spray so I can fresh up before going out.

Moss Copenhagen – Maxi Dress On Sale //
Meotine – Vigga Fringe Biker Jacket //
Aurélie Bidermann – Vera Gold-plated Earrings //
Anine Bing – Lace Bra With Trim //
Saint Laurent – Monogramme Medium Qulited Textured-leather Shoulder Bag //
Jour D’Hermès – Eau De Parfum Purse Spray //
Valentino – Aviator-style Gold-tone And Acetate Sunglasses //
Adidas – Originals Superstar All White //

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Styling Of The Maxidress


This is how I would wear the cool Dodo Bar Or Mona Maxi dress today.

Ad some leather to get a bit of edge. This dreamy Moto Jacket from The Arrivals seems to be so perfect with all the cool classic metal details.  A moto leather jacket is a classic piece in my wardrobe. I use it again and again, especially for feminine dresses, so the look dosen’t get to girlie.

The all white Adidas Superstar sneakers are my favorite – so easy to take the stairs, go for a walk with the dog etc.

Nice lingerie just make you feel better about your self. This Spider Bodystocking is very cool. It’s from the Danish brand North which is most know for its swimwear.

Accessories is always important. Mix the good classic pieces you can have all your life and wear everyday with more trend based and cheaper pieces. I think Lolas Love makes some really nice and affordable pieces.

Dodo Bar Or – Mona Maxi Dress //
The Arrivals – Väder R2.2 Moto //
Vintage Rolex – Find inspiration here //
North – Drake Body Spider //
Lolas Love – Double Hoop Big Pointer Earring //
Lolas Love – Big Horn Necklace //
Adidas Superstar All White //

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Sunday Mood

Superstar and fringes

It’s a Superstar Kind of Sunday.

I love my sneakers white and crisp and I would love to wear these fringed black jeans today.

It’s been both sunny and snowing today in Copenhagen –  like in the Prince song: “Sometimes it snows in April…”. 

We’ve had friends over for a lovely homemade brunch. It’s so nice when you have the whole day to sit and talk, eat and drink good coffee. Life is good!


3×1 Fringe Black Jeans //


Adidas Superstar //

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Sporty Asos Accessories


I like to dress more sporty and comfortable in weekends or whenever I’m off as I’m often in the garden, off to football practise with our son, on the playground, walking the dog or something else.

When I dress sporty I also like to ad sporty accessories to keep my look more cool and interesting. I’ve found a selection of what I usually ad to my sporty looks.

Number one is sneakers – I like the classic ones like Adidas Superstar, they goes with everything. The Black Court Vantage model is also really cool. A cap or a beanie and cool sunnies are definitely also a must for me.

Other small sporty details could be a bandana around my bag or my neck or one of those funny fury keychains. Jewellery is always a must together with my classic watch.

New Era Black Mesh Cap // Vintage Bandana //
Dream Bigger Bracelet // Ray-Ban Aviator // Faux-fur Chick Pom Pom //
Cactus Necklace // Wool Cap Navy // Adidas Superstar //
Adidas Originals Court Vantage // White Tee // Deep Turn Up Beanie //

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White Sneakers


I love my all white Adidas Superstar and I wear them almost everywhere. And if not, then I bring them in an extra bag so I can change from heels. It’s so much easier to run errands in sneakers.

I could use a new pair as I prefer them when they’re white and crisp. I actually wash mine in the washing machine on 30 degrees, so I keep them white.

At the moment these Adidas Superstar with snake skin are definitely on top of my wish list.

Adidas Origianls Superstar

Sneakers heaven

Sneakers selection September 2015


There are so many cool sneakers. It’s difficult just to pick one pair, so I’ve found a very pretty and big selection. I can se my self wear all of them.

Saint Laurent Fringed // Guiseppe Zanotti Shearling-lined// Valentino //
Isabel Marant Bart// Adidas Superstar Black // Adidas Superstar White //
Isabel Marant Bobby // Isabel Marant Bobby // Isabel Marant Bobby //
Saint Laurent Court Classic // Valentino Rock-be // Givenchy Tyson Stars //
Nike Air Force Mid ’07 // Nike Air Force 1 Suede // Givenchy Tyson Elegant //
  Jil Sander //Adidas Stan Smith Suede // Adidas by Ralf Simons //