Chloé Track Pants Red

The Red Hype

I wouldn’t mind wearing this cozy look today.

It’s the hyped Chloé Track Pants in red. I don’t usually wear red at all, but I find these track pants so cool – unfortunately they’re also expensive.

With the white stripes down the legs and the bright red color these red Chloé track pants remind me of the track pants from Adidas that everybody wore in the early 80’s.

The cool t-shirt is designed to support children in need. It’s a collaboration between the Danish brand Samsøe Samsøe, model Naja Bendner and the Danish fashion magazine Costume. It also comes in a white version with save in save.

I love cool or funny names for things, so I love that the red nail color is called pirate. I wanna play cool and have pirate nails!

Chloé – Red Track Pants //
Céline – Black Sunglasses //
Samsøe Samsøe – Tee Support Children In Need //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Pirate //
Meotine – Classic Biker //
ASOS – Glitter Ankle Socks //
Saint Laurent – Fringed Leather Shopper //
Adidas – Superstar 80S Shoes //
Chanel – Chance Eau De Parfum Spray //

Chloé Red Track Pants & High Heels

We’re going out for sushi tonight with the kids at a local restaurant. So I would need to dress up the red pants. I think almost every look can be updated with a pair of high heels and a nice blazer.

I love these cute lip earrings with red topaz. They’ll bring a bit of humor to my outfit.

Chloé – Red Track Pants //
Zara – “Leather” Top (Sale) //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Pirate //
Rag & Bone – Classic Oversized Black Blazer //
Plissé Copenhagen – Lip Topaz Earring Silver //
Chanel – Illusion D’Ombre Velvet Fleur De Pierre //
Notabene – Suede Black Sandals //
Saint Laurent – Monogram Shoulder Bag //

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Denim Jacket

Oversized Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Today’s Highstreet Tip is this oversized denim jacket from Daisy Street.

It’s a classic denim jacket with an oversized fit in the old school and classic light blue denim color.

This jacket is perfect for summer evenings & festivals. It’s a classic piece that you can have for years in your wardrobe.

I love it – and it’s also cool with matching ripped off denim shorts as on the picture – it’s a young and fresh look.

I would also wear it like a shirt-jacket or in stead of a blazer for a more relaxed look with skinny black jeans and high heels.

Denim Jacket Back

Daisy Streeet – Oversized Denim Jacket // Denim Vintage Blue Shorts //

Black Denim Jacket

Here’s a similar version of the oversized denim jacket in black washed denim.

Black Denim Jacket Back

ASOS – Denim Jacket Washed Black //

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All images are from ASOS.

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Summer Accessories

ASOS Summer Accessories

ASOS Summer Accessories

Summer calls for new accessories – lots of hats, caps and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

A bit of gold bling and headbands, hair clips and scarfs to get a hold on your hair where ever the good weather takes you.

Here’s a cool selection of 27 accessories perfect for summer. All accessories are from ASOS and very affordable and cool!

ASOS Summer Accessories first 9 picks:
AJ Morgan Round Metal Sunglasses //
Zero Gravity – Gold Mirror iPhone 6 /6s Case //
ASOS – Black Straw Panama Hat //
Design B London – Animal Print Hair Clip //
ASOS – Long Skinny Scarf In Black With Fringing //
ASOS Mini Pineapple Stud Earrings //
River Island – Studded Purse Belt //
Nike – White Swoosh Cap //
Hindsight – Round Metal Sunglasses //

Summer Accessories

ASOS Summer Accessories second nine picks:
Abercrombie & Fitch – Black Straw Floppy Hat //
ASOS – Limited Edition Double Ball Ear Cuff //
Hindsight – Round Metal Sunglasses //
ASOS – Mini Tassel Triangle Earrings //
ASOS – Black Rip Headband //
ASOS – New Look Straw Visor //
ASOS – Tassel Western Waist Belt Bag //
ASOS – Straw Fedora Hat Mono Textured //
ASOS – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Triangle Through Earrings //

ASOS Summer Accessories

ASOS Summer Accessories third nine picks:
Brixton – Wide Brim Straw Fedora Hat With Grosgrain Band Navy Blue //
Ray Ban – Aviator Sunglasses //
ASOS – Black Cotton Mix Cap //
ASOS – Black Metal Round Sunglasses
ASOS – Reclaimed Vintage Paisley Navy Bandana //
ASOS – Baker Boy Hat With Pu Brim //
ASOS – 70s Long Skinny Scarf //
Becksondergaard – Classic Starw Fedora Hat //
Orelia – Love Necklace //

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All images are from ASOS. 

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Today’s Highstreet Tip

Snake Lace Up Flats 1

I’ve looking for a new pair of pointy lace up flats. I wear my black ones from last season a lot, so new pair to switch with will be good. I like snake skin so these highstreet ones could be a good candidate.

Snake Lace Up Flats 2

ASOS – Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats //

Snake Flats
This is an alternative model of the Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats. These are also from ASOS and very inexpensive.

Snake Flats
Alternative – Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats //


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ASOS Suede A-line Skirt

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Go Navy

Asos Suede A-line Skirt Front

This navy blue suede a-line skirt is so nice, and so is the price.

I just spotted it at Asos and it’s even on sale. But unfortunately it’s not available in my size – maybe it is in your size?!

A short a-line skirt is very flattering especially when you like me has a hourglass body shape. I have a thing for navy blue and I really like the 70’ies vibe of this skirt.

It’s perfect now for summer, but will work right as well in my wardrobe in wintertime. I would definitely also wear this skirt with a pair of high heel boots. This model reminds me a bit of Brigit.

ASOS Suede A-line Skirt

ASOS Suede Navy A-line Skirt Back

Cool Styling
I like this styling with a cool sweatshirt. This similar a-line suede skirt is from Whistles, so the price is quite different.

ASOS – A-line Suede Short Skirt // Whistles – A-line Suede Skirt //

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ASOS Summer Dresses


Summer dresses definitely don’t have to expensive. Here’re my favorite picks from ASOS.

I really like slip dresses for summer, with a top or a tee underneath for work. Or I’ll wear it with a vest.

This summer the off shoulder dresses are stepping up. I’ve got my eye on the grey off shoulder dress from Warehouse.

For work I think it’s also nice to wear a shirt dress or a shift dress – I don’t want to show off too much skin.

Monki – Camil Slip Dress in Black //
Warehouse – Off Shoulder Bardot Ruffle Dress in Grey //
YAS – Off Shoulder Smock Dress in White //
ASOS – Dungaree Style Slip Dress in Black //


I love white for summer and I prefer to wear it with some edgy pieces so the look doesn’t get to sweet.

For for me denim and army are also good color choices.

ASOS – Military Shirt Dress
Vila – Voluminous Maxi White Dress  //
Vila – Broderie Shift White Dress //
Warehouse – Denim Short Sleeve Shirt Dress //


Gestuz – Vera Drop Waist Strappy Off White Dress//
Moon River – Black Maxi Dress //
Vila – Collarless Denim Shirt Dress //
ASOS WHITE – Poplin Dress //

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Shorts & Boots



A good summer mix for me is shorts & boots!

I just ordered these baggy leather shorts on sale from Moss Copehagen. They’re only 200 DKR. That’s a bargain.

I already have tree pair of leather shorts, but these seem longer and a lot more baggy – two things I like. When you’re no longer 20 years old or at the beach – then I think it’s appropriate to add a bit of length.

I wann wear them with a pair of cool boots and glitter socks. I love my glitter socks. I think it’s always fun to ad a bit of sparkle. Though I’ve found that it’s important that the socks are not all syntetic – a good tip is to buy some in a cotton mix.

To soften up the look I’ll ad a lace top like this sweet cotton one som Zara. I’ve got a similar one form Paul & Joe and I must say that it’s an all time favorite of mine.

I love fringes and Saint Laurent – this big fringe tote will be perfect for dragging along all summer. In summer time I need to bring a bigger bag, so I always have a bottle of water, sunnies in a hardcase and an extra pullover if it gets colder than expected in the morning.

I always wear jewelry and I like to mix my vintage Rolex and diamond rings with with cheap found from the highstreet chains like these cool golden loops form Asos.

Leather Shorts // Rolex (similar one) // Gold Earrings //
Saint Laurent Finge Tote // Zara Lace top //
Chloé Susanna Boots // Celine Sunglasses // Glitter Socks //

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Beach Time


Take me to the beach, please!

In Copenhagen the sun is finally here and I’m dreaming of going to the beach wearing this.

After a long winter I really long for the sun. My mind and body long for D-vitatim, sand between toes and good times with our kids, friends and family.

We often meet up at our local beach and bring a picnic basket to share. Sometimes we’re only there for a few hours, and other times we end up staying and run for cold wine and hot pizzas. Not planning can be the best!

Anine Bing Tassel Dress //
& Other Stories Swimsuit // Saray Bath Towel //
Tromborg Sun Primer // Biniki Top & Bikini Briefs //
I’m Busy Straw Hat //
Saint Laurent Mirrored Sunglasses // Isabel Marant Cord Sandals //

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The Navy Vest


I think a suited vest is a very good alternative to a blazer.

I’ve already got several black vestes, so now I would like a navy one. I’ve got my eye on this classic navy one from Helmut Lang.

I wear it like I would wear a blazer, but the ekstra benefit is that you can also easily wear it in warmer weather eg. over a dress and look more suited up. Compared to wearing a blazer it’s more obvious when you change the top underneath and you can play with that in your looks.

I like to mix the more high end brands with the cheaper highstreet ones. The cropped jeans from Weekday, a top from &Other Stories, Asos western belt- and bandana is all quite inexpensive selections from highstreet brands.

I love the green color of this Marni Trunk Bag – I would call the color for French Green. It reminds me of the color of vintage painted French  furnitures.

These shoes from Aquazzura are beautiful and they would last several seasons in my wardrobe. I would wear them with cropped jeans to show of the shoes.

I like chain earrings and I’m on the look for a minimal pair, that I can wear with other earrings. These gold ones from Melissa Joy Manning are quite nice.

I think the western belt and the bandana ad a bit of edge to this outfit. I would wear it to work and for dinner with my girlfriends tonight.

Helmut Lang – Navy Vest //
& Other Stories – Top //
Weekday – Cropped Jeans //
ASOS – Western Belt //
Marni – Trunk Bag //
Aquazzura – Bianca Pumps //
Melissa Joy Manning – Gold Earrings //
ASOS – Black Vintage Bandana //

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Sporty Asos Accessories


I like to dress more sporty and comfortable in weekends or whenever I’m off as I’m often in the garden, off to football practise with our son, on the playground, walking the dog or something else.

When I dress sporty I also like to ad sporty accessories to keep my look more cool and interesting. I’ve found a selection of what I usually ad to my sporty looks.

Number one is sneakers – I like the classic ones like Adidas Superstar, they goes with everything. The Black Court Vantage model is also really cool. A cap or a beanie and cool sunnies are definitely also a must for me.

Other small sporty details could be a bandana around my bag or my neck or one of those funny fury keychains. Jewellery is always a must together with my classic watch.

New Era Black Mesh Cap // Vintage Bandana //
Dream Bigger Bracelet // Ray-Ban Aviator // Faux-fur Chick Pom Pom //
Cactus Necklace // Wool Cap Navy // Adidas Superstar //
Adidas Originals Court Vantage // White Tee // Deep Turn Up Beanie //

All image are from