Today’s Tune Is ‘Diamonds’ by Eloq With Mø

Eloq Diamonds with Mø

Today’s Tune is ‘Diamonds’ by Eloq with Mø on vocal.

I like this new song where Karen Marie Ørsted aka Mø is working with August Fenger Janson of  Eloq.

Have a listen – it’s today’s tune.

Today’s Tune Is ‘Diamonds’ by Eloq With Mø //

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The image is from Soundvenue.

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Anne Sisteron Diamonds

Diamond Tags – Blessed, Love & Grateful

It’s a Diamond kind of Sunday – I’m obsessed with these necklaces from Anne Sisteron with diamond tags with Blessed, Love & Grateful.

A perfect Chrismas wish. But what to choose? It comes both in gold, silver and rose gold. I wear most gold, but I do like silver as well. I font’s mind to mix.

I’m lucky because I feel both blessed, love and grateful. What would you pick? I would probably pick Blessed or Grateful as I’ve seen a lot of jewelry with love written in some way.

I saw the picture of the diamond tag on Instagram. I’ve been following Anne Sisteron for a long time. She makes so beautiful things. Have a look yourself.

Anne Sisteron – Gold Love Necklace //
Anne Sisteron – Gold Blessed Necklace //
Anne Sistron – Gold Grateful Necklace //

Anne Sisteron Silver Love Necklace //
Anne Sisteron – Silver Blessed Necklace //
Anne Sisteron – Silver Grateful Necklace //

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The image is from Anne Sisteron’s Instagram.

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Diamond Salamander 1890

Diamond Salamander

I’m dreaming of this little cool guy. A 1890s Antique Diamond Gold Salamander Ring.

I think it’s amazing and definitely one of a kind. It’s an old brooch which has been transformed into a ring.

I love rose-cut diamonds and the ruby eyes is a fine little detail.

Diamond Salamander Vintage Ring

Antique Diamond Gold Salamander Ring //

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Denim Shirt Dress

Denim Shirt Dress

Denim Shirt Dress

Shirt or Dress?

I really like the image with the short sleeved shirt dress. I’ve tried to find out who made that denim shirt dress. But I’ve had no success. I stead I’ve found a similar one – just a bit longer. Then it’s also more more easy to use also for work – and no one will think: “Did she forget to wear pants?”

I’ll wear it with my favorite pointy lace up leather flats from last summer. I’ve found similar one.

I love suede and fringes – so this suede fringe shoulder bag from Zara is just perfect, and so is the price. I’ll ad a bit of resort diamonds with bracelet and a beautiful pair of earrings from Julie Wettergren Jewellery.

Pull Bear – Denim Shirt Dress With Raw Edges //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Sylvia Diamond Earrings //
Zara – Suede Fringe Shoulder Bag //
Zara – Pointy Lace Up Leather Flats //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Emilia C. Diamond Bracelet //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Lilja Diamond Bracelet //

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Diamonds Are Forever

Gucci Diamond Gold Horse Bit Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – or something!

This Gucci Diamond Gold Horse Bit vintage ring is just amazing. I love how it wraps around the finger three times.

Of course it’s very expensive in 18kt yellow gold set with 1.98 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds – but I can always dream.

Gucci Diamond Gold Horse Bit Ring //

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The image is from

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Favorite Jeweler


I  L O V E  diamonds. I love that the can be a symbol of love or symbol of big things that has happened in my life.

My of two favorite rings I got when I gave birth to our kids, this way I’m reminded every day of the biggest gift in life.

I also like to dream of new diamonds – luckily I’m still kind of young or I feel so, therefore I’m sure I have many more things to celebrate with new diamonds!

My favorite jeweler in Denmark is Marlene Juul Jørgensen from Figaros Bryllup. I love and want almost everything she makes.

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