Life Is Better In A Bikini

Vacation Wear

The mantra on my summer holiday in the south of Spain is:
Life is better in a bikini!

A bikini is pretty much also the only thing I wear all day long. Except for my running gear in the morning for my morning run by the sea. I love running, also down here, where you have to run around 8 o’clock before it gets too hot. I meet all the other runners and all the old people on their promenade walks with their dogs or doing power walks.

In the evening I just throw on a maxi dress when going out for dinner with my family. That’s easy life.

I’m swimming, enjoying the sun, reading books, zipping cold white wine and eating lovely food. No complaints here!

I bought the RAIINE Kilauea Kaftan on sale just before we left. I’ve had my eyes on it for a very long time and I just new it would be perfect to wear on my summer holiday. The Toga Pulla Sandals is another great sale pick which I mentioned here. I love that they’re so cool and a bit too much!

I just bought the black sunglasses in H&M. They look a bit like a pair of Céline sunglasses, but these I can take to the beach and the pool without having to worry about taking extra good care of them.

I wear Chanel Frenzy nail colour on my fingernails and my toenails I give a french pedicure.

H&M – Black Sunglasses //
Nelly – Push Up Brazilian Bikini //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Toga Pulla – Black Flat Sandals //
H&M – Straw Beach Tote //

All the images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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Arms & Army


It’s time to show arms in army in this sleeveless shirt from Reiko Jeans.

I think this army sleeveless shirt from Reiko is so cool and it’s perfect with the RAIINE Stellar Jeans in the nice charcoal color and a pair of glittered Jimmy Choo silver pumps. Ad a pair of cool sunnies and nude summer nails and I’m ready to go!

I’m fan of Chanel Frenzy, as I prefer nude nails. I don’t think Chanel makes this color any more, but Essie makes a similar color which is called Playa del Platinum.

Tom Ford is über cool and so are these sunglasses. I like the green glasses and the heavy black and gold frame.

I think the Lolas Love small ‘Arrow Stud Earrings’ are perfect for everyday use when you don’t want to wear statement jewelry. And so is the LOVE bracelet. I do like just at bit of glitter and it doesn’t have to be very expensive to be nice.

The Second Skin Top from American Vintage is a favorite of mine. They are so soft and comfortable to wear.

Reiko Jeans – Sleeveless Shirt Chiara //
RAIINE – Steller Jeans //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Lolas Love – LOVE Bracelet //
Jimmy Choo – Glittered Leather Silver Pumps //
Lolas Love – Mini Arrow Stud Earring //
Chanel – Frenzy Nailpolish // Essie Nailpolish //
American Vintage – Second Skin Top //

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All images are from the websites I link to.

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