Mesh Tee

Cool Tee With Long Mesh Sleeves

I lik the punk styk kof this cool tee with long mesh sleeves. It’s today’s highstreet tip. The tee is from Zara.

I would love to wear it for layring up e.g. under a shirt, a slipdress or a blazer with rolled up sleeves so you can see part of the mesh sleeves.

I also like the highwaited pants – They’re quite cool  with the zipper details.

Cool Tee With Long Mesh Sleeves

Zara MEsh Sleeve Tee

Teee Mesh Sleeves

Product image mesh sleeve tee

highwaisted pants with zipper details

Pointy Flats

Zara – Black Tee With Long Mesh Sleeves //
Zara – Highwaisted Pants //
Zara – Flat Pointy Shoes //

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