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Sunday in Cozy Knit, Rockstuds & Sneakers

It’s kind of the first real day of Autumn here in Copenhagen. We’ve had such a wonderful warm and sunny September. But now it’s time for layering up and wearing cozy knits.

I’m always on the look for cool home wear and this matching knit set from Zara is perfect for home wear – or cozy weekend wear. But you can of course also wear it for work if you dress it up. I like the flare detail of the pants and the evase sleeves.

For a Sunday like today out and about with my family I would definitely wear it with a pair of favorite Adidas Sneakers and an oversized blazer in a wool mix to keep warm. Add a bling backpack and a beautiful ear cuff to give the outfit a bit of edge.

I think this Valentino backpack is so nice – I love the army green color and the contrast between the gold rockstuds and the fact that it’s basically just a really nice backpack.

Zara – Knit Flared Pants //
Zara – Top Evase Sleeves //
Ileana Makri – Gold Ear Cuff with White Diamonds //
Isabel Marant Etoile – Grey Oversize Blazer //
Adidas – Originals Stan Smith Leather Sneakers //
Valentino – Rockstsud Medium Leather Backpack //

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Adidas Kind of Sunday

It’s a track pants kind of Sunday – do you know that feeling? No hangovers or anything just loving for that cozy feeling of comfortable sporty home wear.

I saw these Adidas pictures the other day and felt like having a pair of classic oversized 3-stripes Adidas track pants.

I’ll probably go for the Navy version with white stripes – but in an oversized version as the ones with red stripes on the images below.

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //

Burburry – The Kensington Long Heritage Trench Coat //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & Red Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – White Logo Socks //
Monki – Cropped Blue Jeans //
LA Panoplie’s – Navy oversized Bomber Jacket //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas Wear

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //
H&M – Grey Sweatshirt //
Asos – Navy Blue Chinos //

Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas Black Winter Jacket //
Halogen – Off-White Wool Sweater //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

Adidas – 3-Stpripes Sweatshirt //
Adidas – Track Pants Navy & White Stripes //
Adidas – Tubular Sneakers //

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Home Wear Rainy Day

Cozy Pants For A Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Copenhagen which calls for cozy pants, sneakers and a good facial mask.

All my plans today have been cancelled due to the weather. Some times that can be a blessing in disguise. I’ll spend all Sunday pampering myself with the Vitamin Facial Mask from Tromborg and lots of good coffee. Maybe we’ll catch a good movie in the cinema.

I’m wearing my cozy wool pants from Magasin, a soft Isabel Marant sweatshirt, nice lingerie from North, an oversized Givenchy silk bandana, ASOS glitter socks and a pair of sneakers. These Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Clean Core in Black are so cool.

The Tromborg Vitamin Facial Mask is a favorite of mine. It adds moist and you can wear it without anybody can see it.

North – Phonix Spider Lingerie //
Isabel Marant – Sweatshirt //
Pico – Tooth Gold Necklace //
Pico – Gold Medium Hoops //
Saint Laurent – Finged Leather Tote//
Magasin – Cozy Wool Pants //
Givenchy – Printed Silk-charmeuse Scarf //
ASOS – Black Glitter Socks //
Adidas – Originals Superstar 80s Clean Core Black/Off White //
Tromborg – Multi Vitamin Facial Mask //

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Home Wear

Home Wear

Home Wear
I love home wear clothes and most days I’ll go home and change to some comfy home wear.

Therefore it’s also a priority to have nice home wear, and there’s a lot cool home wear so you’ve no excuse for wearing old warn out sweat pants.

I only wear home wear that I wouldn’t mind any uninvited guests seeing me in. I would wear this outfit on a Tuesday evening after work or a slow Sunday morning.

I love these knit pants and the knit top from the online retail space The Haute Pursuit. Vanessa Hong’s blog is also one of my favorite blogs. I think she has such a cool style.

THP – Jamie Off Shoulder Knit Top //
THP – Jamie Knit Track Pant
Lola’s Love – Horn Mini Gold Necklace //
Adidas – All White Superstar //
Tom Ford – Elliot Sunglasses //
Julie Wettergren Jewellery – Moon Stud Earrings //

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Karmameju Homewear & Spa


Do you know the Danish brand Karmameju? They design homewear, home- and spa products. Right now I’m dreaming of buying a few more Karmameju products. For myself it’s the Fleece Bathrobe and the Cozy Socks and for my kids it’s the Fleece Pantsuite. They used to have similar fleece pantsuites when they were younger from Verre de Terre and Petit Bateau and they loved them. Maybe I’ll even get one myself as they’re also made for adults. I can very well imagine myself wearing that at home cuddling up in front of the fireplace.

I can really recommend this brand. We’ve two of their lovely Fleece Blankets, the quality is superb and they’re just so soft. We use the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion with neroli at our guest toilet – they smell amazing. I use their Konjac Sponge every day to wash my face at night and in the shower. It has a soft exfoliating effect. The Calm Balm I simply use for everything. It’s all natural and it’s good for dry or sore skin.

The Exfoliating Salt Balm I use when giving myself a home spa treatment – there’s nothing better than to take a little time for yourself. You don’t have to go to a fancy spa, all though that’s definitely also nice once in a while. But with a few good products, scented candles and music you can create the same ambiance at home and you save both time and money. And if you’re a mum like me it suddenly gets a lot easier to have a spa day!

Makalu Pantsuite Kids // Mount Everest Bathrobe // Fleece Banket //
Calm Balm // Konjac Sponge // Exfoliating Salt Balm //
Hand Lotion & Hand Wash // Cozy Socks //