London Skirt - Magda Butrym

Über Cool London Skirt

I’m dreaming of this über cool London Skirt from designer Magda Butrym.

The beautiful skirt is made of braided leather and wool – and yes it has lots of fringes, and I just adore fringes!

For work it would be so nice with a navy sweater – Magda Butrym has of course made a cool one, see below, and then a pair of suede stiletto ankle boots.





Magda Butrym – London Skirt //
Magda Butrym – Leeds T-shirt //
Magda Butrym – Navy Wool & Cashmere Sweater //

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Leather & Lace Top

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Leather & Lace Top

Today’s Highstreet Tip  it this cool leather & lace slip top. It’s from Zara, which is by far my favorite highstreet chain.

I like the look with turtleneck under. I would also wear with other layes like with a t-shirt og a silk shirt under for work.

For evening wear I would wear it with a lace bra under, high heels and nice blazer.


Zara – Leather & Lace Top //
Zara – Black Wide Pants //
Zara – Turtleneck Sweater //
Zara – Suede Sneakers Black //

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Leather Slipdres

The Leather Slipdress

What a great combination – that is leather and slipdress.

I dream of wearing this cool leather slipdress today and I love the combination with the see-through chiffon and cashmere sweater with the extra long sleeves.

I would wear it like this with suede high heeled ankel boots for a dinnerparty tonight. As evening wear it would also look delicate with a lace top under.

For work I would wear it with a black silk shirt under, or a pussy bow white shirt and chunky boots.  I would also wear it with a simple t-shirt under and an oversized blazer. And of course it can also be worn with a turleneck under, or with a cropped sweater over.

There’s so many ways to wear this – and it would certainly prolong the season for wearing a slipdress – it can be quite cold here in Copenhagen. At the same time I’m sure it would also look awesone with bare legs.


Leather Slipdress

Chiffon & Cashmere Sweater

Zara – Studio Leather Slipdress //
Zara – Studio Chiffon and Cashmere Sweater //

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Moto Skirt & White Denim Top

The Moto Skirt

Bring on The Moto Skirt!

I love the cool zip details and pockets of this Anine Bing Moto Leather Skirt.

For work I’ll wear it with a classic oversized black blazer – it’s an easy way to tone it a bit down. I’ll match it with a white denim top and flat lace-up sandals.

I tend to mix silver and gold – so even though the skirt and shoes have silver details I’ll wear gold jewelry.

& Other Stories – Frayed Denim Top White //
Anine Bing – Moto Leather Skirt //
Mango – Satin Lapels Blazer //
Pico – Creol Earrrings Size Medium //
Pico – Tooth Necklace //
Iro Paris – Lace-up Leather Sandals //

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Rock Chicks


How cool is this girl on these pictures?
I love the rock chick meets french femme attitude and the hippie vibes. Zadig et Voltaire are really brilliant at their styling.

I variation of the outfits i so cool and how they play with the accessories. It definitely makes me want to wear hat, fringes and white dresses with cool boots.

And I’m amazed of how cool a pink suite can look. I love the combination of fabrics in all the outfits that I’ve picked. I like when you play with texture of the fabrics. Here it’s the mix of leather and silk, denim and silk, cotton and suede and so on.

Image 1: Volly Bis Blazer // Rex Deluxe Dress // Bamboo Hippie Bag // Laureen Roma Boots //

Image 2: Tool Dots Blouse // Navy Cap // Plaire Jeans // Santa Fe Belt // Ember Sandals //

Image 3: Victor Star Deluxe Blazer & Pomeo Star Deluxe Pants // Tool Dots Blouse // Cara Boots //Alabama Hat //

Image 4: Ridney Deluxe Overalls Dress // Theos Deluxe Shirt // Ember Sandals //

Bare legs and boots look so cool. I love the skimpy shorts with the suspenderes on image 3. I wouldn’t dare even to try to pull of that look. But the outfit on image 4 with the cotton dress and the suede fringed dress I would wear.

Image 1: Theresa Tunic // Simio Deluxe Shorts //Vagabond Hippie Suede Bag // Laureen Roma Boots //

Image 2: Love T-shirt// Pharel Zip Deluxe Leggings // India Fishnet Cardigan // Obayo Hat //

Image 3: Valence Bis Blazer // Strapin Sequin Delux Suspenders // Cara Boots //

Image 4: Ranil Dress // Kioky Suede Deluxe Jacket // Laureen Roma Boots //

Those boots, the bags and the black & white sneakers are so cool. I also really like the feminine white dress with the military kind of boots.

Image 1: Rafina Suede Deluxe Dress // Cara Boots //

Image 2: XS Boxy Nash Bag //

Image 3: Unfortunately I can’t find the sneakers //

Image 4: Candide Medium Zip Bag // Ranil Dress // Laureen Roma Boots


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Styling Of The Maxidress


This is how I would wear the cool Dodo Bar Or Mona Maxi dress today.

Ad some leather to get a bit of edge. This dreamy Moto Jacket from The Arrivals seems to be so perfect with all the cool classic metal details.  A moto leather jacket is a classic piece in my wardrobe. I use it again and again, especially for feminine dresses, so the look dosen’t get to girlie.

The all white Adidas Superstar sneakers are my favorite – so easy to take the stairs, go for a walk with the dog etc.

Nice lingerie just make you feel better about your self. This Spider Bodystocking is very cool. It’s from the Danish brand North which is most know for its swimwear.

Accessories is always important. Mix the good classic pieces you can have all your life and wear everyday with more trend based and cheaper pieces. I think Lolas Love makes some really nice and affordable pieces.

Dodo Bar Or – Mona Maxi Dress //
The Arrivals – Väder R2.2 Moto //
Vintage Rolex – Find inspiration here //
North – Drake Body Spider //
Lolas Love – Double Hoop Big Pointer Earring //
Lolas Love – Big Horn Necklace //
Adidas Superstar All White //

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Shorts & Boots



A good summer mix for me is shorts & boots!

I just ordered these baggy leather shorts on sale from Moss Copehagen. They’re only 200 DKR. That’s a bargain.

I already have tree pair of leather shorts, but these seem longer and a lot more baggy – two things I like. When you’re no longer 20 years old or at the beach – then I think it’s appropriate to add a bit of length.

I wann wear them with a pair of cool boots and glitter socks. I love my glitter socks. I think it’s always fun to ad a bit of sparkle. Though I’ve found that it’s important that the socks are not all syntetic – a good tip is to buy some in a cotton mix.

To soften up the look I’ll ad a lace top like this sweet cotton one som Zara. I’ve got a similar one form Paul & Joe and I must say that it’s an all time favorite of mine.

I love fringes and Saint Laurent – this big fringe tote will be perfect for dragging along all summer. In summer time I need to bring a bigger bag, so I always have a bottle of water, sunnies in a hardcase and an extra pullover if it gets colder than expected in the morning.

I always wear jewelry and I like to mix my vintage Rolex and diamond rings with with cheap found from the highstreet chains like these cool golden loops form Asos.

Leather Shorts // Rolex (similar one) // Gold Earrings //
Saint Laurent Finge Tote // Zara Lace top //
Chloé Susanna Boots // Celine Sunglasses // Glitter Socks //

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Cover up in Saint Laurant


If only my budget were different – I could were only Saint Laurant.
I would be covered in suede, wool, silk and leather mixed with fringes and rivets. I love it all – it’s edgy, cool and classy at the same time!

Wool coat // Backpack // Silk Pussy-bow // Fringed suede ankle boots //
Suede tote // Black blazer // Leather miniskirt // Over-the-knee boots //
Wool blazer // Leather pants // Silk scarf // Fringed bag // Embellished boots //