Raiine Leather Jacket

The 70’s Cool Leather Jacket

I’ve got my eyes on the Thunderbolt Leather Jacket from Raiine.

I love the 70’ies vibe of this cool leather jacket in soft lamp skin with the cargo style front pockets and a belted waist. I’m sure it’ll suite me.

It would be perfect to wear with my favorite flared jeans or over a slipdress with a pair of heavy boots.

You can find it on sale at Raiine.com

Raiine Thunderbolt Leather JacketRaiine Thunderbolt Leather Jacket Back

Raiine – Thunderbolt Leather Jacket //

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The images are from Parisienneshop and Raiine.

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Pink PJ

I’m In The Mood For A Pink PJ

PI never ever thought I should say thi: “I’m In The Mood For A Pink PJ!”

I would love to wear this pink Raiine PJ-set with a party with a pair of cool high heels. But also just combine the shirt or the pants with other pieces.

For a sporty look I would love to wear the Dix PJ pants with a soft oversized grey cashmere sweater and a pair of cool white sneakers.

The shirt would be perfect with a pair of leather pants as on the picture or with a leather pencil skirt.

PJ Pants

PJ Shirt

Raiine – Oberlin PJ Style Pink Shirt (not online yet) //
Raiine – Dix PJ Style Pink Pants (not online yet)
Raiine – Jefferson Leather Pants //
Raiine – Penrose White T-shirt //

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The images are from Raiine.com

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Windham Bomber Raiine

Windham Has Stolen My Attention

I’ve got a weakness for cool jackets and now The Windham Leather Bomber Jacket from Raiine has stolen my attention. It’ so über cool.

I love the sporty style of bomber jackets and I’ve definitely got a thing for both leather & fringes.

To top it off it looks so cool with white the details and it’s such a perfect match with the R for Roddik, my surname.

Wyndham Leather Bomber Jacket

Backside - Windham

Raiine – Windham Leather Bomber //

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The image is from Raiine.com

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Raiine Kimono Suit

The Silk Kimono Suit

I’m dreaming about this silk kimono-pyjamas suit with raw edges from Raiine.

I’m going to the summer company party tomorrow evening and this would be just perfect to wear. It’s sophisticated and a bit laid back at the same time. It would be delicate with a bit of lace underneath. And it can be worn both with flats, sneakers and high heels.

I love clothes that’s easy to dress up and dress down. When that’s the fact you get to wear it much more.

RAIINE – Kimono Suit //

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RAIINE Gold Dress

Gold Dress Dreaming

I’m currently dreaming of this gold off shoulder dress from RAIINE AW16. It’s so beautiful.

I love the gold and black brocade fabric, the design like an off soulder sweater and the rough fringe edges. Unfortunately the dress is not online yet in the RAIINE web-shop.

I can easily see myself wearing it for all the dinner parties in the late summer and fall.

I would wear it now with bare legs and a pair of high heeled strap sandals and not too much accessories as the dress is loud enough.

Later in the season I would wear it with a pair of high heeled ankel booties. It can also easily be worn in the winter time with a pair of black stockings or skinny jeans.

RAIINE – Gold Dress (Not online yet)

The images is a campaign shot from raiine.com

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Life Is Better In A Bikini

Vacation Wear

The mantra on my summer holiday in the south of Spain is:
Life is better in a bikini!

A bikini is pretty much also the only thing I wear all day long. Except for my running gear in the morning for my morning run by the sea. I love running, also down here, where you have to run around 8 o’clock before it gets too hot. I meet all the other runners and all the old people on their promenade walks with their dogs or doing power walks.

In the evening I just throw on a maxi dress when going out for dinner with my family. That’s easy life.

I’m swimming, enjoying the sun, reading books, zipping cold white wine and eating lovely food. No complaints here!

I bought the RAIINE Kilauea Kaftan on sale just before we left. I’ve had my eyes on it for a very long time and I just new it would be perfect to wear on my summer holiday. The Toga Pulla Sandals is another great sale pick which I mentioned here. I love that they’re so cool and a bit too much!

I just bought the black sunglasses in H&M. They look a bit like a pair of Céline sunglasses, but these I can take to the beach and the pool without having to worry about taking extra good care of them.

I wear Chanel Frenzy nail colour on my fingernails and my toenails I give a french pedicure.

H&M – Black Sunglasses //
Nelly – Push Up Brazilian Bikini //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Toga Pulla – Black Flat Sandals //
H&M – Straw Beach Tote //

All the images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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Love Is All Shirt

Love Is All

I really like this new Love Is All shirt from Raiine AW16.

It’s a cool detail with the writing and the fringes on the back. A good reason to tuck in the hair or wear it up! The bottom hem of the shirt is also a fringe hem.

I would bring it on my summer vacation that’s coming up next week. It would be cool over my bikini or with a pair of  denim shorts.

For work I would wear it with a pair of boot cut jeans or with a leather pencil skirt.

RAIINE – Sarcee ‘Love Is All’ Shirt //

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The image is from RAIINE. 

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RAIINE Summer Sale

Summer Sale Tip

I just found a couple of nice pieces from RAIINE at their online summer sale. It’s just in time to bring with me on my summer vacation.

You can save up to 70 % and there’s some really nice things.

Danish RAIINE is one of my favorite brands. Their design is both very cool, a bit edgy and very easy to wear. I’ve posted a lot of outfits with their clothes. Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are from RAIINE.

RAIINE Summer Sale //

The image is from raiin.com

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Army RAIINE Shirt

The Army Shirt

For a while now I’ve had my eyes on this army shirt from one of my favorite Danish brands RAIINE. And now it’s on sale.

I would wear it with a pair of grey skinny jeans like these, also from RAIINE – and on sale.

Together with my old but still very cool Alexander Wang Sandal Booties. Alexander Wang is really exceptionel good at designing cool shoes. Stylewise they last for long, they always have a bit of edge and they’re actually comfortable to wear.

I really like the Angle Wing Earrings from the Danish Jeweler Brand PLISSÉ Copenhagen. They make them in all colors. My favorite one is this black and white,  and alternatively an all black wing or an all white wing.

Chanel nail color is my all time favorite together with Essie. This color is called Frenzy and it’s so nice especially in summer time where your hands get a bit tanned.

RAIINE – Currahee shirt //
PLISSEÉ Copenhagen – Angel Wing Earring //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Saint Laurent – Fringed Leather Shopper //
RAIINE – Palmer Jeans / /
Alexander Wang – Platform Leather Booties //
CÉLINE – Black Sunglasses //

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All images are from the websites I link to.

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Set Dress Workwear

Mondays Are For Easy Wear

Set Dress Workwear
Mondays are for easy wear. I’ll trough on a dress, a pair of boots and get the week started.

This dress is made for Mondays. You don’t really need to wear much else. I love it when it’s easy especially on Mondays.

For work I’ll wear it with bare legs, flat boots and a pair of glitter socks. If going later for dinner I’ll  just change into a pair of high heeled boots. This LBD is perfect as you can wear it in so may ways. I would also wear it like a dress-shirt over a pair of leather leggings.

Mondays also get easier with a superwoman necklace. How cool is this one? Wear it like subtle hit of your secret status as Superwoman with super girl power! I love to add a bit of humor.

The RAIINE Siyeh denim jacket is a favorite af mine. I got it for my birthday and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It’s so cool, the denim is soft and I find it easy to wear with everything.

Chanel perfums are my favorites – you know the ones you always go back to. I’ve been using Coco Mademoiselle for years, but also Chance, which has a more fresh scent.

Set – Sundress With Lacing Detail //
Maison Irem – Superwoman Necklace //
RAIINE – Siyeh Grey Denim Jacket //
Chloé – Susanna Boot Studs Nikel //
Chanel – Chance Eau Vive Eau De Toilette //
ASOS – Glitter Socks //
Saint Laurent – Classic Medium Monogram Chanin Bag //

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