Cashmere Scarf Tip

A Great Cashmere Scarf Recommendation

Today’s high street this is all about cashmere. I’ve got this great cashmere scarf from Cos Stores that I can really recommend.

I’ve the it in grey and I just love it. I’m on my second one as I unfortunately washed the first one wrong.

It’s not very cheap, but since it’s cashmere I find the price quite reasonable. The quality is amazing. I had my first for years and wore it so much and you could not see that on the scarf.

It comes it 6 colors and right now I thinking of getting an additional one in either black or navy. You can also get a matching hat which is also very nice in that bit oversized way.

Grey Cashmere Scarf

black-cashmere blue-cashmere

Cos Stores – Cashmere Scarf Grey //
Cos Stores – Cashmere Scarf Black //
Cos Store – Cashmere Scarf Navy //

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Highstreet Tip

A little highstreet tip is this silk-like bandana scarf from Zara. It’s only app 9 euros.

I love to use accessories to make my outfits more interesting. A small bandana scarf like this one I would use in so many different ways eg.:

Around my neck is the most classic and obvious way to wear a bandana. Eg. when wearing a plain t-shirt, this scarf can make it so much more interfering. Or when wearing a shirt with a bit of cleavage I think it looks good with a scarf. I also like to wear a scarf together with several necklaces.

I would wear it in my hair either to keep my loose hair away from my face or maybe on the beach when my hair is in a bun it can be nice to wrap it around my head.

I also think it looks cool to wrap a bandana around my arm like a big bracelet. When you do that, it’s very important that the bandana is not made is a too strong material.

Add a scarf to your everyday bag and it suddenly feels a bit different – it’s just like a little extra bling.

Or I would wear it as a charm cloth in my breast pocket of a classic blazer. I love that it’s a trend for men to use charm cloths again. But I don’t think it’s reserved for men to do so.



bandana_streetstyle 2

Zara ‘Silk’ Bandana //

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