Alexander Wang Slippers

Alexander Wang Slippers

These Alexander Wang slippers are just too cool for school!

They are definitely on my currently dream list. I love that they’re a bit over the top with the huge number of multi-sized round studs.

It’s smart that the design makes them convertible, but I like them best with the heel folded down.

Alexander Wang Slippers AlexanderWang_slippers3

Alexander Wang – Edie Convertible Studded Leather Slipper //

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Zara Pointy Flats

Today’s Highstreet Tip – 3 Buckles Pointy Flats

These 3 buckles pointy flats from Zara are definitely going  home with me from Spain. I just havne’t seem them in the store yet.

I bought a pair of lace-up flats last year and I’ve been wearing them so much that it’s now time for a new pair of flats to replace them.

These looks both cool and a bit edgy – I can see the Céline inspiration and a bit of punk in them. I just hope that they’re also nice to wear.

I’ll wear them with a skirt and bare legs or with cropped denim to show off the shoes.

zara flats

Zara flats back

Zara – 3 Buckles Pointy Flats //

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Toga Pulla Sandals

Sale Pick – Toga Pulla Sandals

I just bought these cool sandals on sale. They’re from Japanese Toga Pulla.

I’ve been looking at the studded versions from both Givenchy and Isabel Marant. The Givenchy ones are very expensive I think for a Birkenstock kind of sandal and the Isabel Marant ones have just been copied a lot by the hughstreet chains.

These one were ‘love at first sight’, just my style – classic with a bit of cool edge. But apparently not for everyone as my husband went: “A lot of buckles“, and one of my best girlfriends: “They are so much you” – no “Nice”, or anything.

It doesn’t make me love them less. I find them über cool and they’re so comfortable to wear. Some times you just know, and I know that I’ll wear these Toga Pulla Sandals, and only these, for 3 weeks of summer vacation in Puerto Banus, Spain!

Toga Pulla Sandals //

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Givenchy Coolness

Givenchy Sandals

Today’s I’m dreaming of these cool flat sandals from Givenchy. They’ve been on my wishlist for a while now. And the wish didn’t get smaller when I friend of mine wearing them the other they. They’re so cool.

Givenchy – Embellished Flat Leather Sandals //

I think I need to upgrade my Birkenstocks and these over the top statement sandals are perfect. I like that comfort and edgy design can be combined. I’m sure I’ll wear there the whole summer. But yes, they’re quite expensive for a pair for comfortable flat sandals. But Givenchy are also difficult to compare with anything else.

I would wear them like this:

See the post I previously made about how I would wear them here – ‘Mrs. Cool Pants’.

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Today’s Highstreet Tip



I found these cool leather babouches in Nice.

They’ve got that cool arabic vibe and I think they’re a good cheap alternative to the ones that I’ve seen from both CÉLINE and Acne. Of course the quality is not the same, but they’re made in 100 % thick and soft leather.

I’ll definitely wear them with the heels capes down as shown on the image below. On cold days I think you can even wear them with a pair of glitter socks.


Yesterday I wore them with a pair of baggy leather and a classic t-shirt.

Besides these cool babouches I din’t do much shopping in Nice. I only bought a couple of bracelets on the market in the old town, gifts for  kids and a new pair of all white Adidas Superstar for my husband.

Mango Leather Babouches //

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Tom Ford Phyton Pumps


These D’Orsay two-tone metallic phyton pumps from Tom Ford are absolutely gorgeous.

Yes, they’re over the top, and killer heels, and statement shoes. All in one pair. And  of course also quite expensive. But I can dream. I’m going to a summer wedding in June and I would love to wear these.

Tom Ford Phyton Pumps //

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Party Feet


Get ready for the all the summer parties with these gorgeous glitter ‘Sophia’ strap sandals from Chiara Ferragni.

These leather stiletto heel sandals with glitter surface are really nice. I like how they’re designed with a patent ankel strap and a gold logo button. That makes them look eksklusive.

I love how they’ve made a classic strap sandal look like so much more. I could wear anything with these sandals and it would be a summer party look. Let the party begin!

Chiara Ferragni ‘Sophia’ Sandals silver //
‘Sophia’ Sandals Blue //

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