Leather & Lace Top

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Leather & Lace Top

Today’s Highstreet Tip  it this cool leather & lace slip top. It’s from Zara, which is by far my favorite highstreet chain.

I like the look with turtleneck under. I would also wear with other layes like with a t-shirt og a silk shirt under for work.

For evening wear I would wear it with a lace bra under, high heels and nice blazer.


Zara – Leather & Lace Top //
Zara – Black Wide Pants //
Zara – Turtleneck Sweater //
Zara – Suede Sneakers Black //

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Zara Black Dress Volants

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Cute Dress

How cute is this little black dress? A-line, bare solders and volants – it looks so easy to wear, just like a LBD should be.

It also comes in white and it’s very cheap – it’s from my favorite highstreet chain, Zara. I think I need one of each.

For work I’ll wear this LBD with high-heeled ankel booties or with pointy lace-up flats – and a leather jacket. It could also be very nice with a longer vest over – so you’ll still see the bare shoulders and a pair of mens lace shoes.

For a more casual look I’ll go for my all white Adidas Superstar sneakers and my favorite grey denim jacket from RAIINE – see the RAIINE jacket here.

On our summer vacation I would use it over my bikini with my new Toga Pulla sandals – that I just bought on sale the other day and a pair of cool sunnies – see the sandals here.

Zara – Black Dress With Volants //

Zara White Dress Volants
Zara – White Dress With Volants //

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Today’s Highstreet Tip

Snake Lace Up Flats 1

I’ve looking for a new pair of pointy lace up flats. I wear my black ones from last season a lot, so new pair to switch with will be good. I like snake skin so these highstreet ones could be a good candidate.

Snake Lace Up Flats 2

ASOS – Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats //

Snake Flats
This is an alternative model of the Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats. These are also from ASOS and very inexpensive.

Snake Flats
Alternative – Pointy Lace Up Snake Flats //


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ASOS Suede A-line Skirt

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Go Navy

Asos Suede A-line Skirt Front

This navy blue suede a-line skirt is so nice, and so is the price.

I just spotted it at Asos and it’s even on sale. But unfortunately it’s not available in my size – maybe it is in your size?!

A short a-line skirt is very flattering especially when you like me has a hourglass body shape. I have a thing for navy blue and I really like the 70’ies vibe of this skirt.

It’s perfect now for summer, but will work right as well in my wardrobe in wintertime. I would definitely also wear this skirt with a pair of high heel boots. This model reminds me a bit of Brigit.

ASOS Suede A-line Skirt

ASOS Suede Navy A-line Skirt Back

Cool Styling
I like this styling with a cool sweatshirt. This similar a-line suede skirt is from Whistles, so the price is quite different.

ASOS – A-line Suede Short Skirt // Whistles – A-line Suede Skirt //

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Matteau Swim

Highstreet Bikinis


Here’s a selection of cool bikinis from different highstreet chains. They’re all some that I would like to wear this summer.

I’m looking for a new bikini as my favorite from last summer is a bit worn out. I prefer either the triangle bikinis or the bandeau ones. I like when you can easily remove the straps when sunbathing, so I can minimize the white tanning lines.

Highstreet Bikinis

Like with clothes I’m not that much into print. Then it has to be very minimal, very special or the classic stripes. I’m definitely not into multi color or flower bombs as you can see from my selection. Maybe you can find inspiration in my bikini selection?

Zara – Gold Bikni //

H&M – Striped Bikini Top // H&M – Striped Bikini Bottom //

Zara – Black Bandeau Bikini Top // Zara – Black Bikini Bottom //

Topshop – White Bikini Top // Topshop – White Bikini Bottom //

Zara – Animal Bikini //

H&M – Blue Bikni Bandeau Top With Ruffles // H&M – Blue Bikini Bottom With Ruffles //

Mango – Navy Textured Bikini Top // Mango – Navy Textured Bikini Bottom //

Topshop – Black Fringe Triangle Bikini Top // Topshop – Black Bikini Bottom //

Mango – Snake Printed Bikini Top // Mango – Snake Printed Bikini Bottom //


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Highstreet Beach Look

Highstreet_beach look

I love this beach look with all highstreet pieces. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look a bit exclusive.

I really like the fringes of this beach kaftan from Mango. I’ve just been to Nice for a couple of days, where I found out that I need more beach kaftans. You can easily use one per day when you’re on vacation – especially if you spend most of the day on the beach.

I find that a summer hat is a must to protect my face against the sun. I like the Panama Straw Hats and the masculine vibe they give. You an easily find good ones in the highstreet shops or on the market.

I saw this army textured bikini with gold when I visited the Mango shop in Nice. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try it on. I love the color and I think the texture and the gold glitter makes is interesting without making too much noise.

The Cord Sandals are also from Mango. They look a bit like the Lesley Cord Sandals from Isabel Marant that I have my eyes on.

Mango – Beach Kaftan //
ASOS – Panama Straw Hat //
Mango – Intervoven Cord Sandals  //
Mango – Army Textured Bikini Top
Mango – Army Texture Bikini Bottom //

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Interior Beauties


There’s so many beautiful things I want to buy for our home. Quite a few things are more expensive – but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming! And pieces for your home will often last longer than expensive pieces for your wardrobe!

I’m in love with this wall art piece from Curtis Jare. I’m sure that I would have it and treasure it for the rest my life. It’s so delicate.

The hanger is so cool – it has the right vintage vibe. But unfortunately I don’t know who has made it. I’ve seen it in an interior decoration reportage from the home of Elle Denmark Cheifeditor Cecilie Ingdal Christiansen. It would be perfect in our old house – maybe in our bedroom.

I’ve got a big crush on the Beatle Chair from Gubi. I think this powder rose color is very hot right now it’s so beautiful. It could be cool just to have one is this color to ad just a hint of color in our livingroom or the office. But I’m not sure if my husband would agree to this color.

The Beatle Chair is very comfortable to sit on – I sat in one all evening the other day. So it could also be a good option for a set of new dining room chairs. But then I would probably pick a more neutral color. It also comes in a beautiful drak grey wool or in brown velvet.

I like these mirror and iron coffee tables – and you won’t find to identical ones as the top surfaces are all different. It’s a plus that they’re quite affordable. They also come in a square version and as a console table.

The Snoopy Lampe designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglione in 1967 has been on my interior wish list for a long time. I don’t think it gives very much light, but for me it’s also a bit like a sculpture. Do I have to tell you that I was into Snoopy when I was a kid?

The mirrors by Reflections by Hugau & Larsson are all just so beautiful. They have an art deco vibe that I really like. I would be a cool decoration item in our livingroom.

Curtis Jare Wall Art // Brass Coat Hooks seen at //
Beatle Chair // Round Mirror Coffee Tables //
Snoopy // Reflections by Hugau & Larsson Mirror //

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Surfer Girl


I wanna go surfing!

These images are so cool. They make me long even more for summer – and they also make me wanna go surfing like this cool surfer girl!

I’ll have to hurry up and go to & Other Stories store to look for a bikini, a swimsuit and everything that goes with it. Some of the items are already sold out.

I like the mesh t-shirt, the leather backpack, the oversized shirt and the tube skirt. It’s perfect as beach wear with an edge.

The model looks sporty & fit and very gorgeous with the messy surfer hair.

Mesh tee

Mesh Tee //

Strap Swimsuit
Strap Swimsuit //

Perforated Leather Backpack

Perforated Leather Backpack //

Halter Bikini

 Halter Bikini Top – Sold Out //

Lacing Bikini Briefs
Cut-out Bikini Briefs //

Strap Detail Bikini top

Strap-Detail Bikini Top //

Lacing Bikini top  
 Lacing Bikini Top – Sold Out //

Lacing Bikini Briefs
Lacing Bikini Briefs //

Lacing Swimsuit
Swimsuit //

Bikini Tank Top

Bikini Tank Top //

Mesh Knit Skirt
Mesh Knit Skirt //

All images are from & Other Stories.

Today’s Highstreet Tip – Slingbacks


I like these slingbacks in black suede with a mid heel. I love that it’s finally Spring and I can get away with wearing no socks – that’s on the good sunny days. The only problem is that my feet have the same color as white asparagus, but who cares if you can wear slingbacks and no socks.

I’ll wear them with cropped jeans and a sweatshirt or an oversized blazer for work.

Suede Black Slingback Shoes