Summer Is A State Of Mind

Summer Is A State Of Mind

It’s now the last days of summer vacation. Three weeks of family time in Puerto Banus in south of Spain is coming to an end.

For me Summer Is A State Of Mind and even more so summer vacation.

Everything is som much different when you’re away from home, your work and the everyday life. It’s not just a physical thing but also mentally I feel the change. Maybe the magic lies in the fact that I know it has an end or maybe it’s because there’s no requirement for me. I don’t know. But I do know that I wish that I could take this summer state of mind home with me.

It’s been an amazing vacation with slow mornings and long morning runs by the sea. Visiting good friends, making excursions, having lovely dinners, enjoying pool life & beach life.

We’ve been swimming, surfing, sailing, golfing, hiking – and we’ve been laughing and dancing on our roof terrace while enjoying the amazing view of the mountaions and of the sea. I don’t think I could wish for much more!

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Life Is Better In A Bikini

Vacation Wear

The mantra on my summer holiday in the south of Spain is:
Life is better in a bikini!

A bikini is pretty much also the only thing I wear all day long. Except for my running gear in the morning for my morning run by the sea. I love running, also down here, where you have to run around 8 o’clock before it gets too hot. I meet all the other runners and all the old people on their promenade walks with their dogs or doing power walks.

In the evening I just throw on a maxi dress when going out for dinner with my family. That’s easy life.

I’m swimming, enjoying the sun, reading books, zipping cold white wine and eating lovely food. No complaints here!

I bought the RAIINE Kilauea Kaftan on sale just before we left. I’ve had my eyes on it for a very long time and I just new it would be perfect to wear on my summer holiday. The Toga Pulla Sandals is another great sale pick which I mentioned here. I love that they’re so cool and a bit too much!

I just bought the black sunglasses in H&M. They look a bit like a pair of Céline sunglasses, but these I can take to the beach and the pool without having to worry about taking extra good care of them.

I wear Chanel Frenzy nail colour on my fingernails and my toenails I give a french pedicure.

H&M – Black Sunglasses //
Nelly – Push Up Brazilian Bikini //
Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Colour Frenzy //
Toga Pulla – Black Flat Sandals //
H&M – Straw Beach Tote //

All the images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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Nice Nice Baby


Dreaming of what I’ll be doing the next 3 days in Nice. I’m backing a light suitcase as we’re bringing our luggage to the cabin. It’s not that easy to travel light.

I’m going tonight for a long weekend trip with eight of my sweet girlfriends back from high school. I know the weather will be good – 20 degrees and sun most of the time. So no complaints here.

I’m looking forward to my morning runs at the seafront, it’s the best start of the day anywhere in the world. You see how the town wakes up when the sun is rising. I love it. Then it’s also excusable to eat a lovely warm croissant or pain au chocolat for breakfast with a good cup of café au lait.

We’re going to share a big apartment that we’ve rented through rbnb. It’s just a couple of street off the seafront in the center of Nice. Luckily there’s more than one bathroom with eight girls together.

When I travel I enjoy just having the time to sit at the classic cafés outside looking at people anytime during the day.

We’ll spend some of the days at the beach enjoying the sun. We’ll be eating lunch at lovely beach restaurants whoa you can sit there for hours sipping rosé wine, eating Moules Mariners, Chèvre Chaud or the classic french fish soup Bouillabaisse with aioli.

 I’m also looking forward to walking around in the old part of Nice, it’s so lovely. It’s where we’ll eat our dinners, there’s so much life and such a good atmosphere. We’ll also visit the local market – I love going to markets.

I’m sure that the three days together with the girls will just fly away.

Panama Staw Hat //
Chanel – Frenzy Nailpolish //
Black & White Marble iPhone Cover //
CELINE – Sunglasses //
 & Other Stories – Yellow Snake Clutch //
GIVENCHY – Embellished Leather Sandals //

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All images are from the websites I link to and from Pinterest.

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